Today we are going to talk about how to promote your network marketing business on Facebook.

First I’m going to share with you my number one Facebook strategy that is working like crazy. Next I’m going to share what not to do on Facebook. Lastly, I’m going to share with you a surprising piece of Facebook that just no longer works well.

What is the number one strategy that’s working right now for Facebook?

Without a question, it’s Facebook reels. If you are watching this and reels are not in your country or area then I would highly suggest you start practicing with Instagram reels. If Instagram reels are not in your area (which I’ve been made aware are not in every area, apparently) then I would get your practice on with TikTok because short videos are the King Kongs of marketing right now. They are the way for you to increase your chances of getting your marketing, your videos in front of more people that don’t know you than ever before in mankind’s history. That’s a pretty bold statement but it’s 100% true.

I can tell you like this. We have a Facebook page, we have about 340,000 followers over there and we have spent between $50,000 all the way up to $100,000 a month in Facebook ads for years. We have never seen the kind of results that we are seeing when it comes to views on Facebook reels. For example, I have more than one Facebook reel that has over a million views, that’s a lot of views. We have one student that has a Facebook reel of over 10 million views, it’s just crazy. If you are struggling with trying to find new people to talk to or maybe you have burned out your warm market or you feel like you have reached out to everyone that you know then doing Facebook reels is a very, very big deal. I would highly recommend that you do them at least one a day. Really push yourself to make it happen.

What should you not be doing on Facebook?

Well, I have two things that I would suggest.

Number one, we teach cold market prospecting, that means reaching out to people that you don’t know but what I would not do is don’t be spammy. A lot of people lazily define cold market prospecting as spamming and that is not the case at all. I heard once that intelligence is the ability to make distinctions…here’s the distinction. You can send cold market prospecting messages that aren’t spammy by not assuming. So if you are assuming that someone is ready to buy or wants to join or looking to make money or any of the things that you are talking about the benefits of your product, service, opportunity then you’re spamming them.

Spam is assuming the position of the prospect without any evidence. That is something that you really need to understand. I use a (maybe goofy/funny) analogy. A guy walks up to the girl at the hotel bar and says, “hey, I got a room upstairs.” That’s making some assumptions, isn’t it? But if you went up to that same girl and said “hey are you here with anyone? Could I buy you a drink? That’s the difference between proper cold market prospecting and spamming.

It’s not assuming. Instead of assuming, just ask, “hey, I do this thing to make extra money on social media. Is that something you would be open to taking a look at? and if not, no big deal.” See, that’s not a spam message, that’s you checking their temperature, that’s seeing if they’re here with anyone and if you could buy them a drink. Don’t assume in your cold market prospecting.

Number two, I would be very cautious and very limiting in the use of the name of your network marketing company on Facebook. Now as soon as I say that, I will have someone say, “I love my company, so screw you, Higdon.” Okay, if you love your company then make them more money, help them grow faster. You do not help that by constantly using their name. You do that by using smarter marketing that has people reaching out to you, so that you can close more sales. When you constantly use the name of your company, what you’re really doing is you’re enabling people to become independent researchers. They will go to three websites: Amazon, eBay and Google. None of them are friendly to you.

They go to Amazon, they may see someone selling it. They go to eBay, they may see someone selling expired product. They go to google and if you are a decent sized company, I would say over 200 million dollars a year, then there’s going to be negative reviews. Maybe even 100 million a year. There’s going to be negative reviews on there that takes the person that you don’t even know is searching and turns them off. Instead, I would use it very sparingly so that they reach out to you to find out more. It’s okay to talk about what it does, I just wouldn’t talk so much about what it is. That includes not just the name of the company, but what the product actually is or called.

A lot of people they have on their website, CBD queen or CBD rockstar or whatever, well guess what? One, not everyone knows what CBD is…Two, some people, they have drawn the wrong conclusion to CBD. When you say CBD, they just tune out. Three, the benefits of CBD impact a lot of people, right, with anxiety or sleep disorders… it would be better for you to talk about how you help people with sleep, reduce their stress or anxiety. That is a better approach because it impacts more people. There are very few people looking for the most optimal way to buy CBD and the chances that yours is the one is very unlikely. Focus on what it does, how it helps people and instead of mentioning the name of the company or even the name of the particular product.

I would love to hear from you.

Before we get to my last point, I would love to hear from you. What is one thing you love about Facebook? Is it Facebook reels? That’s something I love. What’s something that you don’t like? I’m going to go into something that I don’t like, that I used to like. Is there anything about Facebook that you like? Is there anything about Facebook that you don’t like? I would love to hear from you. It may just give us ideas for future posts and videos. We want to make sure that we are taking care of you and helping you out and maybe there’s a solution to your issue or maybe we have another suggestion for you.

What is one piece of Facebook that no longer works well?

This may surprise you. It may shock you, but you’ll probably agree with it and that is Facebook groups. Facebook groups, years ago they were awesome, they were so amazing. When we launched Rankmakers, we launched in the first week of July in 2017 and it was just awesome. We had a lot of easy engagement when we went live in that group. We had all kinds of stuff (back then before it was guides, it was units) in units. It was laid out in a pretty simple fashion. Over the last year and a half two years, Facebook groups have really, really gone downhill.

Number one, no control, censorship, transparency, there’s so many issues with Facebook groups right now. For example, your mission (if you’re running a network marketing team) is to make things simple for your people. Very difficult to do with Facebook groups now. Go to your Facebook group right now (after you finish reading this post of course) and search for a particular video by name, use quotes with the name and you most likely will not find that video.

It’s very difficult to search and people are getting censored left and right. I don’t just mean for political reasons or whatever. They are getting censored on their profile which of course sometimes is political but they’re also getting censored where you post something and they mark it as a sale whether it’s a sale or not. Now as soon as they mark it as a sale, you are going to get a lot less engagement. When you go live in a group, you used to be able to get a lot of people on your lives and that actually not nearly as easy as it used to be. You kind of need to use third-party tools.

How we can help with this issue.

Because of all these reasons we launched our white label software. If you lead a large team or you have a leader that you would like to share this with, we created a white label software where you can brand it fully to yourself. You have full control, full transparency, you can even text all of your members. You can do trainings within the actual team and you can house all of your videos in what we call road maps. These road maps have step one, step two, step three, you mark them as you complete them. It’s a much more robust and powerful way to work with your team and help your team succeed in your network marketing business.

We even have something that we call IQ. IQ, surveys your members, they tell the engine what they’re struggling with and it makes suggestions for them. It makes your job a whole lot easier and again, fully brandable to you. There’s been a couple times in the last year or so where Facebook has gone down, you don’t have that issue with the white label software. You have much better communication and control. You may want to consider (if you’re running a big team) learning more about our white label software. Just know that if you are using Facebook groups, they’re not as effective as they used to be. I know some leaders that have even started using Telegram for their groups because they like that better. I don’t think telegram is a full solution but sometimes that may be easier than a Facebook group.

If you would like to learn more about our white label software, email [email protected]. Send them a message and they will send you a form to fill out and we will evaluate whether it may be a fit for you or not. This is something that we have had a lot of leaders jumping on because every single leader I know is frustrated with Facebook groups and we love providing a little bit different solution.

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