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Are you getting eyes on your products and services but struggling to close those prospects?

Today I’m sharing my three part closing technique that will guarantee you more customers and clients.

How To Perfect Your Closing Technique

In order to make the largest impact and to impact the most people, you need to learn persuasion.

You need to learn how to manage your energy, in the sales conversations and prospect conversations. And how do you do that? Through repetition.

Do you, only sometimes, handle the prospecting conversation correctly? Or is it without fail, no matter what they throw at you, you know exactly how to handle it?

Well, in order to handle it well each time, we need repetition. And this is what we call our Closing Blueprint.

If you continuously repeat the steps and techniques in the closing blueprint, you will learn to close stronger, more frequently and with more ease.

So let’s dive into it.

Closing Blueprint

First of all, pointing prospects to a tool is a crucial part of any closing technique. And this could be different for everyone. For some of you, maybe your tool is a home meeting. Maybe it is an online download. Or a magazine. Maybe it’s a CD.

But, it should be something that isn’t you explaining it, unless it’s a recording of you.

And the most important thing is for it to be a tool that you can share, and that other people can also share with others. That’s what’s important. Being able to share it and duplicate the value.

If you just have a conversation with the person, and it is not recorded, then you aren’t able to duplicate it and grow. But if it’s something tangible, they will feel like they can do it too and they will also be able to further pass it along to others.

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Second, I always like to end my conversation with a prospect with a question such as “What did you like about what you saw?”

So you can pick up on the way they like to communicate while also getting their opinion on the training.

But, what if their response is negative?

Most people would just be inclined to move onto the next person, and if they are negative they move to the next person, and so on and so forth.

But I’ve had tons of people respond back negatively, and I was still able to get them on board by putting on a little act for them. A little show.

Here’s how I would do it…

I might respond back to “That video sucks!” with, “Whoa! Now let me make sure you watched the right video. The one with the…”

Then they might respond back with “yeah!” super confidently.

Then I like to say back, “Really? Wait, you watched the right video, right? You didn’t get one of those weird YouTube ads, right? You watched the correct one?”

Then the prospect responds back with a less confident “yeah.” Now I’ve created doubt in them.

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Nine times out of 10, they start to think to themselves, “Wow, he’s acting as if no one has ever not liked the video. Maybe there’s something weird with me!”

Put on a little act for them and they will respond back.

If their response is positive, ask them why is it so important to them and relate that you too feel the same way. Get to know the prospect’s goals and build that relationship.

But what do you do if they start to say things like, “I was hoping to build this as a single person”, “I was hoping to build this part time”, “I was hoping that I didn’t have to have a background in sales”, etc.

All of the doubts prospects have, are obstacles to overcome that are ultimately accomplishable.

So lastly, you help them overcome their doubts through telling stories.

This is why we encourage you to go to your company events. Learn the stories.

Who was that:

  • Stay at home mom who now makes seven figures?
  • Bus driver who started a multi million dollar business?
  • Construction worker who made it happen?

Just pay attention to recognition.

You learn that story.

Then when someone starts telling you, “You know, I’m just not very good at these things. I just don’t think I could do it.”

Then you can respond back with something along the lines of, “Yeah, I understand. You know, I was just at this company event and the guy across the stage was born deaf, making $100K a year. But yeah, it’s not for everybody.”

And that just won’t feel right for them.

So whatever ‘excuse’ or doubt that I hear I always listen, confirm and tell them a story of someone who has it harder but is still succeeding.

Then they get fired up and motivated.


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