Today I’m going to share how to network market on social media.

First, I’m going to share what not to do that unfortunately so many network marketers do. Next I’m going to share effective strategies that are working right now that are the two main methods of building your business on social media. Lastly I’m going to share the fastest way to grow on social media.

What should network marketers not do?

First what not to do and how long do you have? There’s a lot of things that most untrained network marketers do on social media that do not make sense and one of them is hype. You attend a Zoom or attend an event and you get super excited and you hear about that person making two bajillion dollars a year and your instinct is man, more people need to know this and you post “wow, there’s someone making two bajillion dollars a year in our company.” That’s not what people either believe or want to hear. You have to really embrace that you’re in a business and a business is something that solves problems at a profit. You have to think about the problem solving part of what it is that you’re doing.

If you’re posting and marketing things that people don’t identify with, relate to or even believe then you’re going to have a tough go at it. People are going to start blocking you, they’re going to start unfriending you. They’re going to start being turned off by your approaches. You want to avoid any kind of hype. Even if it’s true, doesn’t mean you should do it nor does it mean it’s legal. You have to be very careful with compliance, especially income claims, that’s one of the big “gotchas” of network marketing. You have to be really careful there, that’s one of the things not to do. This is true on social media it’s also true in person too. Please don’t be hype-y there either, because you’re hype, although you may be excited about it, most people just aren’t going to buy into it.

The second thing is don’t make assumptions. Don’t assume that every person you’re connected to or every person that ever sees anything from you wants to join your team or wants to purchase your product. Don’t make that assumption. Assume that you don’t know anything about their desire and assume that you don’t know anything about what it is that they’re looking for until you ask. If you’re going to make an assumption, assume your ignorance on their desires and you can only unlock what information you need to move forward is from them. You asking them questions. Be more willing to ask them if they’re open to learning more than telling them that it’s a no-brainer for them. This can come across in prospecting or in marketing (which we will talk more about in the next step).

What are the effective strategies working right now?

Let’s talk about some effective strategies that are the two main methods of building on social media. I have mentioned them but let’s clarify what the two main methods: prospecting and marketing.

Prospecting is you reaching out to an individual, whether you know them or not. That could be a direct message, it could be outside of social media, a phone call, face to face, text message etc. It’s a one-on-one kind of transaction. “hey, how are you doing?” It’s you communicating with an individual, that’s prospecting. Marketing is passive. You’re doing something you hope an unnamed individual reacts or responds to or unnamed individuals react or respond to. On social media that could be a Facebook live, a post, an Instagram reel. You’re doing something it’s not directed at an individual and specifically named out, it’s you’re doing something you hope people react to, respond to.

What are your most effective methods of both of those?

Right now the most effective method in marketing across the board by far is Instagram reels, Facebook reels and TikTok. The short video phenomenon is here, this is what people want more of, this is where all the traffic is going, this is where all the budgets are going from social media (at least currently) all attention is on reels. Those are your short videos, usually less than a minute long. I know that TikTok is now allowing up to 10 minute videos, so we will see. We will see what that looks like but right now the big word in marketing is short videos and that’s usually less than one minute videos. Depending on what social media platform you’re on, if you’re trying to grow a business or grow a network marketing business then I would highly suggest that you get in the habit and build the muscle of doing these short videos.

I’ll give you a resource at the end of this post on how to improve the way you are doing these short videos. Short videos are definitely the kings of marketing on social media right now. Now if you are already covering that and you’re doing short videos, you may consider longer form content such as Facebook lives or YouTube. Now, YouTube isn’t necessarily a social media platform, it’s more of a search engine. People are searching for something and they hopefully will find it on your YouTube channel. In the marketing world, if you’re trying to get your message in front of more people that don’t know you and get more people to see what you’re talking about, get more attraction and traction in the marketplace, reels are definitely where it’s at when it comes to marketing.

When it comes to prospecting, a lot of that is understanding that most people don’t make the decision on the very first contact. You’re probably going to have a follow-up kind of strategy. If you’re prospecting know the difference for doing cold prospecting (we don’t know each other) and warm prospecting (where we do know each other), because there’s a little bit different strategy for both. When you’re reaching out to cold market, which some people bash…strongly, (how dare someone ever send a cold message… we have seen way too many students crush it with cold messaging). I’m not saying it’s the only way, I’m not even saying it’s the best way but it’s a way. It’s a way that some people got started and some people get really good results doing and they had tried other methods and didn’t get results. I would never, ever bash cold messaging. Again, I’m not saying it’s the only option or the best option even but we’ve seen so many people get great results from cold messaging that it’d be crazy for us to deny that proof because we’ve seen it over and over and over.

Warm message, that’s your friends, family members, maybe co-workers, someone you went to school with, you know each other. The one main key in both of those types is just don’t assume like I talked about in marketing, don’t assume that they have interest in what you’re doing or interest in the product you represent or they have interest in making money. You need to ask them. “Hey, are you open to learning more…”  and if they are, then great, continue the journey and rock it out.

Before I get to my last point.

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Fastest way to grow on social media.

What is the fastest way to grow on social media? I’m going to give you a little bit of a plan. If someone came to me and said I’m willing to do whatever it takes and I want to crush it in my network marketing business, I’m willing to use social media then this would be my play. Let me go back first to what I did. Before I was ever a coach or a trainer or a speaker or an author, I was the number one income earner of a network marketing company. I know what it’s like to be in the field, I fully get that. I was there for many many years. When I got serious about network marketing, I was dead broke, personal foreclosure, I had lost it all in real estate, in the real estate market crash of 2008.

When I got serious, there were three things that I did every day. One, I had read a book called Go for No and this book although that sounds kind of bad like go for no? I want a yes. Learning to go for no reduces your resistance to rejection and your reaction to rejection. It means you’re not scared of someone telling you no and if they do tell you no, it’s just not that big of a deal. It’s a very powerful way for you to operate. It’s a very powerful way for you to carry yourself. If I get a no, great, that actually helps me toward my goal and I’m not distraught. I don’t need to eat ice cream all day if I hear rejection. I read this book and I’m like you know what this makes sense to me. This makes sense and I thought, what would make success inevitable, how about if I went for 20 no’s a day. That’s a big number. I did get some yes’s for sure, but I set a goal of getting 20 no’s a day. Every day for well over six months, I got 20 no’s a day and what’s interesting is I went from nothing, not making anything, five months in I’m at 10,000 a month, seven months in I’m at 40,000 a month ,10 months in I’m at 50,000 a month. I go on to become the number one income earner in that company, make millions with that company and a lot of that is from that base of getting 20 no’s a day.

Now, I hated prospecting, hated reaching out to people so I decided you know what? I’m going to get more people reaching out to me, so I started doing a video a day. At first, nothing much was happening but it was about four months in, I get a call from someone from my YouTube channel (this was my very first YouTube channel, not my current one). He reaches out to me, I don’t know who he is but he was a former million-dollar earner in a company and he just liked my videos, reached out to me, decided to join. He became my number one earner in my team. It was awesome, it was like man, this is starting to work but that video a day strategy is what led us to bringing over 300, between 300 to 400,000 leads you know make millions and millions of dollars online. That consistency of showing up and I actually did a video a day every day for over 12 years believe it or not and so that was number two.

Number one 20 no’s a day. Number two, video day. Number three is self-development every day. What would that look like now? Now you know 20 no’s a day is…I mean borderline psychotic. If you could hang with that, go for it but most people, two to five no’s a day, fine. Eight no’s a day maybe, ten no’s a day. Whatever you’re willing to stomach and you have the time for, set that as a no goal would work. Number two, instead of just doing one video a day which a lot of those videos were eight minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes instead, I would do three short videos a day. Three less than one minute videos and that’s what I would be cranking out. I would create them one time, put them on TikTok, Instagram reels, Facebook reels (if that’s open in your area) that would be the play. I would do whatever no’s a day, three short videos a day and put them on all three platforms. You’re literally in nine places a day and self-development every day. I would still do that whatever that looks like to you. For me in the beginning, I was just going through YouTube videos and doing re-reading Think and Grow Rich and all kinds of stuff but for you it may be different and so you do those three things and you’re going to see your business absolutely grow.

Addional help.

If you need help on where to locate people to talk to and prospect and what to actually say to them then I highly suggest you click this link, It’s our five-day prospecting power-up, it is totally free and for five days, we’re going to take you on a journey and show you where to locate people to talk to about network marketing and what to even say to them. I know it’s going to help you out, click that link and feel free to share this post with some of your teammates.

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