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How to Maximize MLM Compensation Plans


Inside this brief video I share two strategies to explode MLM compensation plans. Master these and you will know how to create urgency, get leverage and tickle your prospects greed gland!

Watch this video and use these two strategies to explode almost MLM compensation plans!

The MAIN thing about a Compensation Plan

The biggest misunderstanding I see about MLM compensation plans is the focus on them. You know what has a GREAT compensation plan? Drug Dealing. However, just because dealing drugs has a great compensation plan doesn’t mean it is the best long term decision for you, some factors that are WAY more important than a company’s compensation plan are:

– The support you will receive
– The integrity of the leaders
– The integrity of the founders
– The product and how passionate you are in regards to it
– The type of culture and community the company has and its congruency with you

So, BEFORE you get duped into joining a company SOLELY because of it’s compensation plan, make sure all those other factors line up with you too. That being said, that doesn’t mean join a crappy compensation plan but just don’t let the comp plan dazzle you, it doesn’t matter how good it is IF those other factors don’t line up because you won’t promote it for long if they don’t line up.

Is this JUST for Binary Compensation Plans?

I admittedly have the most experience with binary compensation plans, it’s the only type of plan I have been able to create success with but that doesn’t mean if you aren’t in one that you cannot use these tactics or that your compensation plan isn’t good, I am just going from MY personal experience.

The two strategies I describe in the video below work EXTREMELY well for binary compensation plans but I believe there are elements of the strategies that you can use in other MLM compensation plans.

Video: Maximizing MLM Compensation Plans with Leverage, Urgency and Prospect’s Greed!

Was that cool? Can you see how that would push more people off the fence and into your business? I have used these tactics to recruit a LOT of people, I can tell you first hand, THEY WORK.

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To Your Abundance!

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