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Wondering what the best approach is for marketing to your audience?

Today I’m sharing some tips on how I recommend reaching out, and what has worked in the past.

Cold Market vs. Facebook Friends – How To Market To Your Audience

Marketing will absolutely work on both cold audiences and your friends, there’s just a specific approach I like that has been proven to be successful.

If you reach out to someone and tip-toe around whatever it is you are trying to tell them, it will seem shady. And the longer you delay telling them why you’re reaching out to them, the more painful it is. So if you are dragging it out, and the longer you delay asking the damn question, the worse you’re hurting the reputation of the network marketing profession, so the more of these little things.

Here’s how I would do it. And this is if you want maximum results, if you want to kick major ass, here’s a suggestion. If you like tiptoeing through the tulips and pitter patter with the rain drops, then keep doing it your way if you’re getting good results.

But, if there’s someone I haven’t talked to in a long time, I would get the elephant in the room first. And so I’d start the conversation with, “Hey bro. Man, we haven’t talked in a long time,” because it’s true, it’s straightforward and there isn’t weird back and forth conversation.

And then I would go on to say something like, “I would love to catch up with you at some point. Right now I’m slammed, but listen, I’m building a side project, and I’m looking for sharp people. I thought of you. Would you be open to taking a look at it? And if not, totally cool.”

It’s not a weird approach. It’s honest, makes sense, and doesn’t sound shady.

So get to the point when reaching out to your audience. Get to the point without being addicted to the action. Be more addicted to your activity than their response.


  • convince them
  • chase them
  • bug them
  • beg them

And also don’t beat around the bush. Get to the damn point. All of social media will thank you.

Don’t try to be shady and build rapport, and then ask the question. Let’s get straight to the point, and let’s give them an out.

Let’s just tell them what we have and what’s going on. without asking them to join the business or buy a product. Be straightforward and ask if they are open to taking a look, and if not, it’s okay.

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