Today we will talk about how to manifest with the Law of Attraction.

First we will cover what is the law of attraction and how it works. Next we will talk about how to use it to get what you want in your life. Lastly, I will share two activities that you could do daily to really kick in the law of attraction for you.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is the concept that whatever you’re thinking about and feeling you attract into your life. You may have seen the very, very popular movie called, The Secret. I highly recommend it. Sometimes it gets negative feedback, because some people take it as all you have to do is think about things and then they will just magically show up in your life. That’s actually not the message from the movie. They talk about how when you start thinking about the things that you want in your life and start feeling the things that you want in your life, you will be presented with sets of options that, if taken, will actually help you to get to those things.

I think one thing that you need to understand about the law of attraction is yes, what you’re predominantly thinking about and feeling with emotions, you’re going to attract more scenarios in your life that pertain to that set of thoughts and that set of emotions.

This is very powerful for you to understand, because it works either way. It works for the negative and it works for the positive. The person that is constantly moving and always finding that negative next door neighbor, yet they move again, same thing, move again, same thing that has to do with you, preemptively anticipating the arrival of something you believe is going to be there, and then it shows up for you. It is true that, “what you think about you are bringing about.” If you know that, if you understand that, then you should alter what you’re thinking about, right? Sounds hard, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. The first step to this is awareness, being just aware of what you’re thinking about. If you’re in traffic and you’re feeling angry, then stop feeling that way. Stop focusing so much on the traffic, on the anger, on how this is not fair I’m going to be late, stop focusing on all the things that you don’t want and start to focus more on what you do want.

The late great Bob Proctor was a master of teaching the law of attraction. In my last interview with Bob, I asked him the question. I said, “Bob, is it as simple as just focusing your thoughts on what it is that you want in your life. Is it that easy to have your dream life?” He said, “yes.” That was his one word answer. It may sound crazy, but here’s the thing. As you start to think about this thing, you’re actually sending off vibrations. Everything is energy and they’ve proven that with Quantum Physics today. Everything is energy, we all send off vibration, what vibration are you sending off? Have you ever met someone and you said, “I don’t know about them, I just got a weird vibe from them.” Well, ‘vibe’ is short for vibration. It wasn’t that they had a weird mustache…it was something energetically that you sensed that you didn’t really jive with. It doesn’t mean that they’re good or bad. It just means that they’re different from the type of energy that you’re used to being around or the type of energy that you’re emanating.

The law of attraction is something that if you understand, it’s going to speed up the delivery of everything you want in your life. It will also prevent you from focusing so much on your challenges or on your obstacles, etc. I’m going to use some different examples throughout this post to help you out.

How should you use it?

There are two things that you really want to be aware of…you will notice I say that a lot, awareness. Most people are not aware. They walk through life and they’re just on autopilot to whatever emotions pop up, to whatever thoughts spring out. If they’re not on purpose working on themselves and their self development, then by default, they’re going to be inundated with negativity. Negativity from the media and negativity from politicians that are harping fear and justice, anger. If you’re not purposely working on yourself to improve, you’re not being inundated with joy and happiness. You’re being inundated with negativity all around you and your environment does impact you.

The first step is awareness. What am I thinking about? How am I feeling? Maybe you think that your emotions are you. You’re not your emotions. You are the master of your emotions…or at least you can be the master of your emotions, which is so important. When it comes to attracting more things to you, if you want to speed things up, really dive into emotions. Now typically your thoughts are the ones that lead you to emotions. You need to be aware of your thoughts. But the biggest thing is your emotions. Your emotions are the co-creator of your world. That is the thing that your heart listens to, your subconscious listens to….it listens to your emotions, it is a non judgmental partner. It believes that you’re giving it instructions as to what you want more of in your life. If you are constantly thinking about how life is unfair, you’re literally telling the subconscious, “hey, I want more things to notice how unfair life is.” That law of attraction kicks in and the subconscious starts to co create in your world. That’s what you’re going to get more of… This is something that if you just start focusing more effort, more energy, more attention on the things that you actually want in your life, the things that you want to experience…and this involves something called, becoming incongruent with your actual reality.

You see, Vadim Zealand says, “your reality out there is just a slow moving mirror reflection of what’s in your mind.” Everything in your life, every result in your life is actually all based on who you’ve been up till now. If you want to alter reality, you can’t reach out to reality, because that’s just a slow moving reflection of what’s inside of you. Instead, you change what’s inside of you and who you become becomes your future.

One of the things that Dr Joe Dispenza says is, “spend more time with memories of your future than memories of your past.” What does that mean? It means that with your imagination, you’re creating scenarios you want to experience before they happen. You spend more time with those things. As you repeat them in your imagination and in your mind, they actually start to become memories. You start to remember the images that you’ve created, the visualizations that you’ve created, and you start to set yourself on a different path. This is something that may not be easy if you’re struggling with money, if you’re dead broke, if you’re in a bad relationship or whatever, but know that whatever you focus the most on, that’s what you get more of in your life. 

I would love to hear from you.

I am certain there are some skeptics here as well. Have you ever used the Law of Attraction without maybe even knowing it? Like you were thinking about someone and then all of a sudden they called you, or you were craving a certain dish, and all of a sudden it showed up for you. What is an example that you’ve seen, and maybe you didn’t know how to do it, but all of a sudden, it became a coincidence. All of a sudden it happened for you. Drop us a comment, I would love to hear your examples. I have quite a few, so I would love to hear yours.

Two activities that help you apply the law of attraction.

Here are two activities that will really help you kick in the law of attraction, you get what it is that you actually want.

Number one, set intentions. Now, this is something you should do literally all the time. For example, today, I’m shooting a whole bunch of YouTube videos. Last night and this morning, I set the intention that it was going to go smooth, it was going to go easy and quick, and it was going to come out fantastically and people were going to love them. When you take the time to preemptively set intentions for whatever it is that you’re doing, wherever it is that you’re going, all of a sudden, you’ll notice that things start to shift in your favor. When I’m driving up here, you know, it’s about a four hour drive for me to get to the studio. When I’m driving up here, I set the intention of clear roads, it’s nice and easy. It goes by quickly. That’s been my experience for the most part is that it does seem to go quickly, I don’t really seem to encounter a lot of traffic. It’s interesting too, because I’ll look on the other side…..When I’m coming north, I’ll see the south side seems to have a lot of traffic. When I’m heading back home, it looks like the North side is having traffic. But my side typically doesn’t have a whole lot of traffic, so it’s pretty cool.

Setting intention. So this past weekend, I spoke at an event in Dallas. I set the intention that people were going to ask me to help them and coach them and that people were going to ask me to speak at other events. I already have those things happening. I set the intention. It’s really turning on the antenna and saying this is what I want more of and all of a sudden you start experiencing different things in your world. I’ve done this so many different times with so many different examples. Don’t just show up, don’t just say I hope it goes well, set the intention. What do you actually want out of that meeting? Out of that date? Out of that speaking event or whatever it is that you’re doing, right? Out of your day at work? Why not? If you’re getting dressed and you’re getting ready for your day of work, I say this is going to be the best day ever. People are going to love to work with me. People are going to want to work with me. It’s going to be a high money day. Why not set the intentions first? Set the intentions before you actually fulfill them.

Number twois literally the most powerful activity you can possibly do before bed. Create a visualization of having the things you actually want in your life. You can see yourself. One way to really jog your memory and really dial it in is by using the five F’s: faith, family, finance, fitness, fun. Why not create intentions around all of those things. Before you go to bed, because as soon as you go to sleep, that’s when your subconscious kicks in. The law of attraction really kicks in, and all of a sudden, the next day you start experiencing some of these things that you’ve been thinking about. Before you go to bed, see yourself having all the things that you want, and those five areas of your life. You may want to write them down, faith, family, finance, fitness, and fun. Why not create scenarios of you having the things not in the future, you want to be very, very careful. Do not think that setting things in the future is activating the law of attraction. What it’s actually doing is it’s keeping them in the future. If you say things like, “I will be wealthy well,” ‘I will be..’ means you’re not. You actually want (for the law of attraction to work) to speak and think as if you already are that thing and you’re sending off the vibration and you’re allowing reality to catch up to what you’ve actually created in your mind. It’s not I will be skinny, I will be healthy, I will be wealthy, it’s I am, I am wealthy, I am skinny, if that’s your call, right? I am healthy, the more of that that you can embody of being present tense or even past tense. I’ve accomplished this thing, right. Past or present is where you want to stay, not future because the future is always outside of your reach.

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