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Vibrational Money Immersion – How to Make More Money Today!

This is the recording of a webinar I did last night. I have already heard from multiple people that told me this opened up places in them that blew them away. If you do not have the results you desire when it comes to making money from home, I highly suggest you watch this video called Vibrational Money Immersion.

Not Making Money? It’s Your Thoughts That Are the Problem

We all spend time studying different ways to make more money such as a new tactic or method but the reality is if you are not making money, it is because you have some negative associations with money and this video is going to help you pinpoint the actual problem. By the way, every person that was on the webinar last night paid to be on the webinar.

It’s not as simple as to Focus on what you want

Our conscious mind wants and craves for success. We tell everyone we want to be rich, lean and happy but why is it only showing up for the select few? It is because the select few understand that money is just an energy and their vibrational quotient is dialed in to allow them to absorb money with no hesitation.

The Vibrational Money Immersion Video

In this video I talk about what really holds people back from making money on the Internet or making money at home. I talk about the false idea of the ego and what it wants you to think that you need vs reality. I share personal stories from my past, even open up the abuse I endured throughout childhood and how that relates to people today. This video is going to force you to to look at the REAL reasons, some of you for the first time, of why you are not making more money.


Home Study Course – Vibrational Money Immersion

This week I am starting a 15 week home study course on Vibrational Money Immersion. Each week for 15 weeks you will get a new mp3 for your digital library along with a homework assignment that I personally will be overlooking that will get turned in via email. If this sort of accountability program and additional to your digital library interests you, shoot me a quick email at [email protected] and I will send you the details. Hope you enjoyed the video!

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