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How to Make Money With Your MLM Blog


Do you have an MLM blog? Want to learn some of the secrets of how to make money with your blog? Read this quick post to learn how!

*note: wondering where my videos have been? I am up in Denver at an event and didn’t bring my good camera, might do one tomorrow though

Why did I Start my Network Marketing Blog?

My blog (you know, the page you are on right now), gets me more leads, income and traffic than any other source and has for years. Each month the last three months we have gotten anywhere from 950 to 1100 new leads from this blog.

The reason starting an MLM blog made sense to me was I saw it as a way to teach and give value in a fresh way and at the same time build my personal brand. You see blogging, unlike PPC or email marketing, creates online everlasting online assets for you. We get lead and make sales from blog posts over two years old! They stay out there forever!

How do You Make Money Blogging?

Remember this very simple summary, in fact, if you run an MLM blog, you might want to write this down and post it on your computer to look at BEFORE you ever again update your blog. (feel free to share this quote on Facebook)

“When you provide value consistently to a defined target market, you can easily make money with congruent income streams” – Ray Higdon

So let’s break that sentence down (as way too many don’t get it or follow it right now).

Provide value consistently – This means you TEACH, TRAIN, and SHARE ideas, concepts, tips that are helpful. You identify what is serving to your target market. For example, I pull content and tips out of things like EMP, WWN and MLSP all the time AND they just so happen to be affiliates programs that make me a lot of extra money.

Defined Target Market – The best way to think about this is to think about a specific person rather than a group. What is the type of person you want to attract to you and what are their struggles or desires? For example, my fellow MLM blog friends, IF your target market is other network marketers their struggles are getting leads and prospects to talk to, getting traffic to their sites, saying the right things to recruit more reps and their desires are creating more residual income, traveling around the world, and escaping their job. Value, more specifically defined, is solving the problems and helping the attainment of the desires of your target market.

Congruent Income Streams – This is yet another place where network marketing bloggers fall on their face. Instead of hunting and scavenging for any and all affiliate, launches or systems that WORK, locate and stick with programs, courses, etc that are congruent with the type of brand you want to establish. I am SOOOO very picky on what I promote because I CARE about the people that follow me and don’t want to answer uncomfortable questions at an event I am speaking at when someone asks me why I promoted some piece of crap course. I do NOT participate in every launch in our industry even though I know without a doubt I could hit the leaderboard, it HAS to be congruent with my brand and have my stamp of approval. By the way, any company, course or system that bashes my beloved network marketing profession will NEVER be promoted by me. I also don’t approve those bottom feeding programs that instruct people NOT to talk to their warm market or ever pick up the phone. I wish people would stop preying on the weak with this nonsense, network marketing is a PEOPLE business people, get with it!

By the way, while I am on the topic of pet peeves, I also can’t stand the bottom feeding marketers that bash guru’s. Bashing guru’s is your quickest way to determine someone is an unethical marketer preying on the weak, in politics this is called “class warfare” and it’s just stupid. If you look up the definition of guru it is a sacred and blessed label to have. I do not personally call myself a guru but I have no trepidation toward it and I don’t play MLM class warfare by bashing it.

If you run an MLM blog, I suggest you don’t want to JUST have your network marketing company as your sole source of income as MOST people that hit your blog are NOT looking for a company but they are instead looking for training. If you like my products you can become an affiliate of mine here.

So…will you follow my advice for your MLM Blog?

I hope so. Blogging in the MLM space is awesome because us network marketers LOVE personal development and learning. YOU can decide today to start providing consistent value and follow my advice on having congruent income streams and not only make more money but also serve more people.

It is such a huge blessing to me to help people all over the world and in all different network marketing companies. Yesterday I was at the conference of a network marketing company and someone in the hallway saw me and showed me his notebook filled with “Ray Higdon notes”, I thought that was really cool and I hope to continue to serve my fellow network marketers the rest of my life! =)

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To Your Abundance!

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