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How to Make Money
When You Have No Money


Today I received an email from someone that was homeless that wanted to know how to make money. This video and post shares my response and might help if you have no money or know someone struggling.

What to do When You Have No Money

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“Telling it like it is, keeps it like it is, justifying where you are, keeps you where you are” – Ray Higdon

Here is the email I received this morning: (I have omitted the name)

My wife and I have been homeless since January, living in sheltersband hotels. On Sunday, we will have to leave the hotel we are in and hopefully find a shelter. We have no car, and yesterday I pawned our laptop, so we will have food money. No relatives or friends to help us!

I have always wanted an internet business and was excited by your opportunity. One thing that I have always wondered about? How does one get started when you have no money?

Heart-breaking right? Having been dead broke twice in my life, I know the feeling and it certainly sucks. Before I dive into the three steps of advice I gave him on How to make money, let’s take some time to dive into the psyche of someone when they are broke.

The Biggest Obstacle For The Broke to Learn How to Make Money

What do you think is the big hangup when those that have no money to learn how to make money?

The biggest hangup is typically (and I speak from experience), you mind is enveloped in how crappy your life is. Your mind is centered on what you are lacking, what you DON’T have and is light years away from identifying possibility or creation. Let me be very clear…


Create…create what? Value. Solve problems, fill needs, help others where you can and that adds up to value in the marketplace which leads to compensation. The very best thing you can do if you have no money, is to create a trigger that forces you to take the actions of the person you want to become anytime you let the darkness come back into your mind (the video goes into more detail).

Video: How to Make Money When Broke

Listen, if you are watching this and you have no money right now, know that there is always hope. So long as blood runs through your veins and your heart is pumping, you can change your life around. I know it may be hard right now, but life can, and will get better if you follow the advice in the above video. Please share and comment if you feel this might help others out there.

To Your Abundance!

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