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How to Make a Vision Board or Book

how to make a vision board

A powerful daily practice is to fill your mind with images of what you want in your life. This training will teach you how to make a vision board and how that can help your life and business.

Watch this short video as I share my personal vision board (I use a book).

Why Bother With This Fluffy Stuff?

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If you want to create success you have to do things a little differently than the average person. Instead of fighting what you DON’T want, you have to focus your mind on what you DO want. Inside the below video you will learn how to make a vision board and what it will do for you is help you to fill your mind with images of things you DO want in your life. The neat thing is MANY times I have cut out images for my vision board and then experienced them years later, you can too!

Having a dreamboard or vision book is NOT enough to create your perfect life of course. You STILL need to take action, have a solid daily routine AND surround yourself with training and people that are going to help you learn what you need to know to get to the next level. However, it is super easy to start to surround yourself with the images of things you want and that can help your mind loosen it’s grip on being addicted to solely focusing on all the things that are WRONG.

Dreamboard or Vision Book?

Lots of people I know use a dreamboard, inside the video below you will see that I actually use a book. Several reasons for this:

1. It travels easier than a huge vision board.

2. I can add or take away images easier without ripping anything.

3. I put my affirmations at the end of the book and write them out daily. I like having both in one place.

Inside the video I DO talk about the law of attraction and that you have to be taking action as well, if you would like to check out my full, in-depth course on the Law of Attraction, checkout my product called “The Power Mind” by clicking here.

MLM Training: How to Make a Vision Board

Was that video helpful? Seriously, TODAY, go get some images of places you want to travel, people you want to meet and other things in your life you want to have and put together a vision board or book. Share this if you feel more people in this world should be focusing on the things they want rather than the things they DON’T want. Feel free to comment below if this free training was helpful to you!

To Your Abundance!

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