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Are you prospecting and coaching your team and it just seems like they’re just not progressing?

If so, here is my best tips for leading your team and climbing ranks.

How to Lead Your Network Marketing Team to Success

Thompson Rule

So, this is my man Ron Henley coined this as the Thompson rule.

This is 80, 15, and 5. 80, 15, and 5 is just indicating the percentage of the level of desire in any organization.

Levels of DESIRE:

80%: $0 to $500 a month

15%: $2000 to $3000 a month

5%: $25,000 + a month

80% of people, when it comes to making money, their level of desire is just not super high. In fact, 80% of people are fine making $0 to $500 a month.

Notice how I didn’t say, “Well, if you’re this kind of leader, then 80% of your people are happy here.” I didn’t say that.

Notice I didn’t say, “Well, if it’s this kind of product, then 80%.” No. These are all organizations.

15%, $2,000 to $3,000 a month. That’s their goal.

Now, these are NOT results. I’m going to have to say this twice because immediately people are putting themselves in categories.

They’re like, “Oh, man I’m at 80%.” Well, that’s probably not true actually because if you were 80%, happy at $0 to $500 a month, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article on how to grow your network marketing business.

It wouldn’t be that high of a priority. You definitely wouldn’t be a Rank Maker if you were 80%. Because you just wouldn’t justify why am I spending extra money to learn to build my networking marketing business.

Can people be happy customers? Of course.

A lot of customers don’t want to have a huge down line, don’t want to lead a huge organization, don’t want to speak on stage. Their desire is not making tons of money.

Now, what’s the problem?

The problem is almost all trainers are 5%ers.

So, 5%ers think like 5%ers.

I was on with one of our new clients in our top earner club mastermind and she’s got a team of 30,000. I told her, “Well, one of the things that’s going to help you is just understanding that you have people in your organization that aren’t making money but they’re happy.”

She goes, “That just doesn’t make sense.”

To the 5%er, that doesn’t make sense. Why would someone be happy if they’re not making money? I don’t understand. I don’t comprehend it.

So, it is that lack of comprehension. It is the thinking that there should only be one percentage. 100% should be after $25,000 or more a month, right?

When I was in the corporate world, there was a secretary there that had worked there 24 years, had had the same position for 24 years. No one went to her and said, “You know, you really should think about moving to middle management or something. You’ve been stuck here for 24 years.” She wasn’t stuck there. That was her choice. That was her level of desire. I’m not downplaying the secretary. I’m not saying anything negative about it. That was her choice. Had there been other openings in 24 years? Of course. But the level of desire was I’m happy where I am. 5%ers don’t usually understand that.

So, the 5%er is going to preach at you that you gotta get super recruiters. You gotta get your people recruiting because they just can’t connect the dots that someone could possibly be happy being a part of an organization not making money. It doesn’t compute. They blue screen for those of you who remember what that even means.

Network Marketing Leadership Book

Why Gym Owners Are Smarter Than Network Marketing Leaders

Gym owners are ,ost certainly smarter than most 5%ers.


So, if I go into the gym and I go and I do five minutes on the row machine, go get my 2200 calorie peanut butter chocolate banana smoothie, dark chocolate cacao smoothie and I literally gain weight. I gain flab while being at the gym.

Does the gym owner ever jump out from behind the counter and say, “Lift your shirt, boy?”


Gym owner is like, “Thanks for coming. Good job out there buddy.”

Why? Because I’m on auto ship. I mean, I pay a membership.

So, I pay a membership to be there. He doesn’t care what my level of desire is.

If my level of desire is to go there, check a little box that I was there and I dribble the basketball twice and shot, then doesn’t care. Still gets compensated.

Now, if I went there and he said, “Lift your shirt boy,” and my level of desire isn’t of the 5% nature of being Mr. Olympia of flipping tires, ripping phone books, bursting water bottles, if that’s not my level of desire, then what you’re saying to me is you’re in the wrong gym.

Most Leader Sabotage

So, when the 5%er goes to their team and says, “Why aren’t you guys prospecting? How come you guys aren’t making a move? How come y’all ain’t succeeding?” It says you’re in the wrong team and I don’t care about your happiness.

That’s the 5%er because they can’t comprehend.

Now, they would never say happiness because they think they’re unhappy. This is a form of sabotage too.

So, the leader which is often 5%er, they

observe. So, they observe their team. Do a little observation. Let’s just draw some eyeballs here. They observe and they get unhappy.

They say, “Not very many people are making lots of money in my organization. So, I must need to do something more.”

So, they say, “I know. I’ll just teach the hell out of them.”

So, they do a passionate video about crushing it and smashing your goals.

All of this is just sabotaging yourself. All of it. It’s all sabotaging.

So, most likely your people don’t need more training from you. Okay?

Why is that?

Number one, this training expresses your frustration.

So, this training alienates this group of people specifically.

If you’re not prospecting people then what’s wrong with you?

So, you just light this on fire.

Some leaders, they’ll hear this and they’ll say, “Well, they weren’t doing anything anyway. Weren’t doing anything so whatever. See you. Adios muchacho. Get out of here, man.” Right?

Facebook Groups

This is why most Facebook team groups are totally screwed. Because if you look in there, it’s like how to recruit, how to make more money, where to get your business cards, how to crush it, how to get to the next level, right? There’s no love. There’s no recognition. There’s no acknowledgement.

There’s no, “Here’s the mission we’re on. Here’s the families we’re feeding. Here’s the single moms we’re helping. Here’s the disabled veterans we’re helping. Here’s a Beatles song.”

There’s not enough love, man.

This is what keeps these guys going.

80% of your volume, so I hope that helps. We get a little crazy up in here sometimes. So, hopefully that’s helpful to you.

So, what do you do?

You inspire them. I would suggest you get yourself come kind of third party trainer. And, it’s doesn’t have to be me. Get some resources around them, but love them.

Culture is the making of people to feel good regardless of their level of desire or level of results.

So, if I waltz into your team and I don’t want to build a business but I feel fantastic being there, I’ll never leave and I’ll be one of the many of the 80% of your organization. You turn me on, you’ve done 80% right. People don’t get it.

They don’t get it. They think, “I gotta get super recruiters.” What’s funny is the 5%ers, these guys, guess what? They get the most attention.

Everyone pushes for people to get there and you know what’s funny about them? They require the least.

You could give them a terrible getting started training, they’ll crush it anyway. Give them a terrible comp plan video, they’ll crush it anyway. Give them a terrible presentation, they’ll crush it anyway. That’s what’s funny about it. Everyone focuses on this.

How do I get more of these, more of these? Everyone else sucks. They require the least. They require the least.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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