Today we are going to cover how to invite in network marketing.

First I’m going to share the biggest, most crucial thing to understand about inviting. Next we are going to dive into the other three components of making money in network marketing. Lastly, we are going to help you get over that fear of rejection, fear of being judged. Let’s go.

What is this big most crucial thing to know about inviting?

It’s one of my four “P’s.” The four “P’s” are the dictators of success, not just network marketing but of really anything. We will dive into them…but this “P” is called position. Understanding the position of your prospect is crucial when it comes to how to invite in network marketing. When you are inviting and you do not have any information on their level of desire, then you are going for one thing, to see if they are open.

Position is something that you track and pay attention to per prospect. If I go to someone and I don’t know anything about them, then I’m going to say “hey, would you be open to learning more?” That might look like “hey, I do this thing on the side to make extra money. Would you be open take a look at what I’m doing? If not, no big deal.”

I’m seeing if they are open, not to joining, not to purchasing, not to going all in…but are they open to learning more. They need to learn more before they make an informed decision. Position, if they say “yes,” if they say “okay I’m open to learn more…” to me that is like a little hand sign that’s “okay I’ll learn more” so they move up a position. Now this is a very powerful phrase (you may want to write this down or type it) “In the absence of progress, fall back on position.” In the absence of progress, if I can’t progress up the positions then I fall back on position.

Let’s say (in this example) that I ask someone, “hey, would you be open take a look at what I’m doing to make some extra money? If not, no big deal”

They say “oh, okay you know I could use some extra money.

I say, “Cool. Well, I have a video that does a better job than I could do of explaining it. Would you be open to watching this video?”

They say, “No, I don’t want to watch this video.”

Can I progress? I can not progress. So what do I do? Fall back on position.

So I’ll say, “well I’m curious, what made you say that you are looking to make some extra money?

If I can’t move forward, I go back on what they’ve agreed to. Now I need to have them at position one, at least. Here’s how I’ve used that in a more (maybe) advanced technique. Let’s say I reach out to them say “hey, would you be open to take a look yadda yadda…” they say “yes.” I say, cool, I have a video, it does a better job than I could do explaining it. Would you be open to take a look at? They say “okay sure” and now they moved up a position. They said “yes” and they agreed to watch the video.

I follow up with them and I say, “did you watch the video?

They watched the video. We are moving right along baby, we’re rocking and rolling, aren’t we?

I say, “okay great. You watch the video. What did you like about the video?”

“I hated it, terrible, worst video in my life. I want to pour bleach in my face…..”

They did not like the video. By the way you’re going to have this happen. If you talk to enough people, you’re going to find people that don’t like the video. Your addiction to them liking the video or not will really impact your sales. See, I didn’t care if they liked the video or not, to be honest, but what I did care about is if I can get someone to watch a video, they want something. There’s something in their life they want to change. They want more money, they want to have more fun, they want something or they wouldn’t have watched the video. So in the absence of progress, fall back on position. If someone tells me they watched the video and that they hated it, I’ll say, “well okay.” “Got it. Wow you know I haven’t heard that before. What were you hoping to see?

That’s a position question. “What were you hoping to see?” You watched the video. What were you hoping to see? I have never had someone respond with something crazy. I was hoping to grow my arm back. I was hoping I could pour it out back and bitcoin would just spew out of the earth and shower me with cryptocurrency. I have never had a wild answer. I have always heard something that we can actually help with….I was hoping I could do it part-time, I was hoping I could do it at night. I was hoping I could do it as a single person (maybe the video has all married couples). It’s always just a misunderstanding because I have never heard anything that we could not help with, but I would never get there if I did not understand position.

Understanding position is so important when it comes to the invite. In your invite, if you do not know their desire (now notice I said desire, not them because maybe you do know them and they are always want more money). Do not assume that. See if they are open to learning more before you move to that next step.

What are the other three components of making money in network marketing?

I mentioned there were four “P’s.” We covered one of them, position. What are the other three? It goes position, pipeline, posture, perspective.

Let’s talk about those other three, starting with pipeline. Pipeline is the critical component of any sales. Whether you are a realtor, a mortgage broker or in car sales. Pipeline is you keeping track of how many people you are reaching out to, how many people you following up with, how many appointments are you setting, how many videos are you sending out? If you and your company send samples, how many samples are you sending out? You tracking where are they in the process.

If I was a mortgage broker, I’m going to have the last name of the family, however many loans they are doing whether they’re doing one or two and I’m going to say are they in underwriting, are we waiting on appraisal, are they getting funded today, is it a CO today? I’m going to track them….that would be my pipeline. In any kind of sales, you have to have a pipeline.

The next “P,” posture. Posture is really the management of your energy and the energy of conversations. Posture is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval. This reminds me of an amazing quote, “no matter how hard the wind blows, the mountain never bows.” I have little kids…that’s from Disney’s Mulan, that’s the emperor, right? No matter how hard the wind blows, the mountain never battles, that’s you as a network marketer. You need to believe in what you are doing more than the haters are going to blow at you, more than the trolls are going to comment at you, more than your family is going to say at you. You need to be stronger than that, you need to be stronger than the external opinions of others, that would be posture.

Final “P” is perspective. Perspective is what do you spend your time thinking about in your mind? What is your perspective? Are you always looking at what you don’t like? What you don’t want? Noticing all the bad things? Getting mad in rush hour? Are you always noticing the things you don’t want and and noticing how you suck at certain things? How it’s unfair? How life is… Or are you constantly thinking about what you actually want in your life? Are you constantly thinking about what you want, where you want to go, who you want to be with and all the positive things that you actually want in your life, that’s perspective.

Perspective is for speed. You can talk to a lot of people but with the wrong perspective, you’re going to get a pretty low close rate.

With the right perspective, you could completely change those results.

How do you get over the fear of rejection?

Lastly let’s talk about how to get over your fear. Man, this is a big one. Fear of rejection, fear of reaching out to people. One thing that really helped me is I read a book called Go For No and Go For No sounds like a terrible book. You are probably thinking, I want “yeses, I don’t want no’s,” but it’s a really powerful book. It explains that the year that Babe Ruth broke the home run record, he also broke the record for strikeouts. What does that mean? It means he swung the bat the most times. I mean he swung the bat the most times. I want you to swing the bat the most times. I want you to ask more people than anyone else in your entire company because if you do, you’re going to get some results. I read this book and if I had to boil it down, it really does two things. It helps you with your resistance to rejection so you’re not scared to reach out to someone because you are a collector of “no’s,”  and your reaction to rejection.

If uncle Uncle Johnny tells you no, you’re not off eating ice cream and crying. It helps you with your resistance to rejection and your reaction to rejection. I read this book and I’m like you know this makes sense…you know what? What would make success inevitable? Well, I set a crazy goal. I have big goals and I had big goals back then. Now just so you know in the way back machine, when I got serious about network marketing, I was dead broke in personal foreclosure and had gone through a divorce. I had lost everything in the real estate market crash. I really didn’t know how I was going to make money. I had big goals, I had to get out of debt. So I set a goal of getting 20 no’s a day. Now 20 no’s a day is a little absurd, it’s a little psychotic so if you’re not used to doing a lot of inviting and reaching out to a lot of people, I probably wouldn’t set 20 as your as your first. I would maybe go for two or five. 20 is intense. Now, I can tell you I finish every single day in less than two hours. It didn’t take me more than two hours to get 20 no’s but it is an intense amount of work.

I did this 20 no’s a day and there were two other things that that I did…fast forward in five months, I’m at 10,000 a month. In seven months I’m at 40,000 a month and in my 10th month, I hit 50,000 a month and go on to become the number one income earner of that company. I can tell you I owe a lot of that to my 20 no’s a day.

What does that mean, 20 no’s in regards to fear? It means that I was addicted to my activity, not their response. I no longer cared what they thought about me or if they were going to talk behind my back but I also got better like we talked about in point number one with position. I’m just seeing if they’re open, “Hey if you’re open, great. If not, no big deal.” I went to my warm market and I said, “hey, listen I’m going to do this thing. I’m going to do it with or without you, I would love to do it with you. If you’re open to it, great. If not, no big deal.”

Who’s pissed off at that? No one was pissed off at it. I just kept going. Now to date (I’ve been teaching this for over 10 years) I know three individuals that went for 20 no’s a day, all three became million dollar earners in their company. You have to get over your fear. You have to get over your worry of how you look to others and step more into possibility. The possibility that you are going to be following up or reaching out to someone who really wants to change their life and you could be that person to help them do it.

Let me help you.

I want to help you even more around prospecting, inviting, reaching out and even closing. We have a five-day prospecting power-up series and it is free. Here is the link, feel free to click it and share it with your teammates as well if you would like. It will help you locate people to reach out to and prospect and what to say in a fun five-day prospecting power-up series. So make sure you click that link and I know you’re going to like it.

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