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How to Improve Your Performance


Today’s blog post is all about how to improve your performance. If you grasp the strategy I talk about in this post, you can definitely be on your way to greatness!

This Weekend in Key West…

We spent the weekend in Key West with a group of friends and had a lot of fun. If you plan a trip there though, I don’t suggest staying at the Banana Bay Resort, between the poolside gun fight and the broken bed, fan and TV, well, it just wasn’t the best place I have ever stayed lol.

Don’t get me wrong, we had some great times! Lots of fun and also lots of chatting about life, business and performance. One beachside chat I had with a buddy had us talking about how to improve your performance. Most of the times people think they need to know more about what they are trying to accomplish to improve performance but weirdly enough, that is rarely the case. It is usually a decision that is made to become something or someone new that actually works to improve your performance.

How to Improve Your Performance

**I actually shot a video for this but having technical difficulties, might upload tomorrow!

First identify a time in your life where you performed well, maybe even performed better than you believed you could at the time. This could be business, personal, athletic accomplishments. Ask yourself a few questions…
– Did you KNOW everything about HOW to accomplish it?
– Did you have to prepare yourself mentally forever or did you just do it?
– Did you have a vision of what you wanted to BE?
– Did you have a reason why you HAD to accomplish it?

Tapping into those questions and answers can reveal to you the key to your past performance and if you grasp those keys, you can create new performance in your life right now. So, the key on how to improve your performance is actually looking to your past successes! It is the same chemical makeup that can drive success for you now.

rj-HigdonVIP-362aAn Example on Improving Performance

Years ago I weighed 255 pounds. A high school buddy of mine who had also gained weight told me that he was on a special diet and when he lost weight, I would be the only fat one. Now, you may take this lightly, as a joke or him being a jerk, I took it as a challenge and within 90 days lost 50 pounds! I didn’t know how, or what to do, I just did it. So, the key to my performance has been when either life, others or myself doubts or challenges me. What is your key? Take the time to uncover this and you are on the road to NEW success!

Feedback and Moving Forward

Did what I cover in this post make sense? Can you identify times in your life where you accomplished things you really didn’t know how to do when you first started out? Chances are you can. The cool thing is when you realize that, it means you can CHOOSE to accomplish new things from that same exact source of greatness that you have had all along.

Remember that all of us have greatness within us. I believe one of the greatest sins is untapped potential. You were given energy, talent and power to accomplish things and inspire people, use it! Like my man Wayne Dyer says “Don’t die with your music inside you.”

To Your Abundance!

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