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Are you holding yourself back from achieving success?

Here I share a few simple ways to improve the way you use your thoughts to become unstoppable and create the success you want.

How to Improve Your Thinking for Network Marketing Success

Are you not prospecting as much as you could?

If you’re NOT prospecting, when will you start caring about making an impact more than your self image?

When will you start caring about possibly impacting the person more than you care about how you look to others?

And I realized that some people have it twisted.

They’re like, “I don’t need any more money. I’m okay. It may me be nice. We could probably travel more. I mean, it would be nice but I’m okay. I’m getting by.”

Fine. Well, when will you care enough to help the people that aren’t in that situation? To help someone see a possibility they’ve never seen before?

When will we care enough to possibly impact someone more than how good we look? When will we care enough?

Just embrace it. That’s the fact.

I’m not saying hard sales. Not trying to close them down. I’m saying just see if they’re open to your opportunity.

If we’re not seeing if people are open, we care more about our self image than possibly impacting somebody.

Fact. No sugarcoating. That’s the deal.

If you’re wanting to live an okay life, join the crowd. They all care more about their self image than impacting others. How do I look to my neighbors? How do I look to my friends, my family members?

It’s fact.

Just don’t kid yourself. You either want to impact people or you want to protect your self image. No matter what that self image is.

People will protect a mediocre self image way before they’ll get out of their comfort zone and see if they can make an impact. Absolutely. We’re not talking about perfect self images here. We’re talking just the one I’m familiar with, the one I’m comfy with, the one I’m okay being known by. Don’t want to step over here. Someone might say, think I’m stepping weird. Won’t step over there. Might think I dressed funny.

You either care about your self image or you actually do the work and about possibly impacting people. It’s one or the other. Can’t be both.

What If?

I’m not playing down your obstacles.

Many of you have had very unfair things placed in your life. Many of you had life just dealt you a really shitty hand. I’m not playing it down and I’m not lessening it at all. But what if?

What if that was dealt to you because some higher purpose, being, whatever you want to call it, someone higher than us knew that you could handle it?

You’re still alive aren’t you? We might be scarred, we might have scratches on our back. We might have lost something along the way. But you’ve still got blood pumping through your veins.

What if it was known when you were born how strong of a warrior you were, and you were handed those because somebody somewhere knew that you could handle them?

What blasphemy would it be not to create success to be able to share those overcome obstacles? And, what blasphemy would it be to sit in an audience having never been invited up to share your struggles because you never overcame them, used them as an excuse, as anchors, so you inspired nobody? That’s not fun.

What if no matter how hard I try, no matter how fervent I work, no matter how many videos I do, no matter how many people we get in Rank Makers, what if you are the person that will impact people that I can never impact?

You need to understand it. Maybe you think that your story isn’t that significant or maybe you think your story is like massively significant that no one gets. Either scenario, you’re robbing people if you don’t get past those obstacles and share that story.

When You Feel Like Quitting

There will be days you want to quit. I can’t comprehend anyone at some point not wanting to quit.


  • Why did you start?
  • What life did you see?
  • What got you fired up and excited to move forward?

Because there’s a lot of people that play and honestly, I applaud you because you’re playing big enough to at least join. You played big enough to at least see possibility, suspend your disbelief and say you know what? Maybe this thing will work. Maybe this thing can help me out.

So, I applaud you for seeing that. A lot of people don’t see it.

There’s people that moan about their time, their freedom, their finances, their relationships, they moan about everything under the sun, not bold enough to ever do anything about it. So applaud you for that. You were bold enough to see possibility.

On those days when that is disappearing, remember why you started and also remember the alternative.

I can tell you right now, when I look at my alternative… My sons, my daughter, they are never going to see me stop. They’re not going to see me not show up. That’s not going to happen. They’re going to continue to see me show up in the most powerful way I possibly can to impact the most amount of people I possibly can. That’s what they’re going to see. What they do with it, that’s their call. It’s their life.

They may never become speakers or entrepreneurs or network marketers or whatever, right? It’s their life. But they’re at least going to see what it looks like to show up. They’re going to see that. They’re not going to see me quitting. It’s just not going to happen. Now some of you, maybe you don’t have kids. Well, you’ll see you quitting and that creates a habit. Think about that.

Get Uncomfortable

If you want fast growth, make decisions before you’re ready. It’s that simple.

[mashtweet tweet=”If you want fast growth, make decisions before you’re ready. ” quote=”If you want fast growth, make decisions before you’re ready. “]

Get uncomfortable. Invest in getting coaching from someone. It may not be me. Maybe there’s another person that you just really resonate with, get coaching.

I really believe my secret weapon is the speed at which I make decisions that are uncomfortable. I talked to someone that I believe can help me make a bigger impact. And, I don’t mull it over. I don’t think about a little bit. I make a damn decision. And vice versa.

If I think a move will not help me to impact more people, that’s a fast decision too.

Don’t hire anyone you don’t resonate with. Don’t bother following people you don’t resonate with.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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