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How to Have
Network Marketing Internet Success

So many people are trying hard to create network marketing internet success but are struggling, why? This post will help you see how to actually create massive success online.

Network Marketing Internet Mistakes

1. Thinking that Network Marketing on the Internet does not require relationships. The Internet DOES help you reach more people but just as you can offend and turn off people offline, you can also do this online.

2. Being in a place where you really NEED TO MAKE MONEY but waiting for leads…IF you are in a tough place financially, certainly learn network marketing Internet tactics but also consider actual prospecting (which can be done online or offline)

3. Letting stupid technology hold you back. This used to be me. I’d pull my hair out trying to learn HTML and after cups and cups of coffee on a Friday night would just go to bed dejected and frustrated just to wake up in the morning to the same thing. The other problem was I was thinking that my business had to be fully setup “for free”. Let me share with you my friend, “Free” is sometimes the most expensive option as it takes your valuable TIME. Now with websites like Odesk and Elance, you never should struggle with technology as you can get it done so cheaply. If you are struggle with investing in your Network Marketing Internet goals, just think what you would invest if you were a restaurant, dry cleaner or doctor…can you say, a whole lot more???

Skipping Down Online MLM Lane

Here are my suggested steps to really get ahold of your Network Marketing Internet attack plan:

1. Never stop learning about people. YES, you are using technology but you are dealing with people. Always focus on what you can do for people and how you can help them.

2. Always spend time on your own mindset. The way you can tell if you need this is asking yourself this question, “Am I living the most powerful life I know I could?” and if the answer is no, then keep working on your mindset.

3. Embrace that everyday, ordinary people in worst circumstances than you have also had success on the Internet. The difference between those that have success and those that crash and burn is just a matter of sticking with it.

4. There are two ways to building your Network Marketing Internet empire and I certainly suggest doing both when you are new or have yet to realize big success. Passive marketing is blogging, writing articles, clever status updates, etc, basically anything where you hope an unnamed individual reacts or responds to it. Everyone loves doing this type of stuff as you face little rejection or having to talk to people but getting good at prospecting online will set you free.

Where are you with your Network Marketing Internet Skills?

It is always good to gauge where we are in regards to our goals. In your car’s GPS system it HAS To know where you are located to tell you where to go, does that make sense? Well, my good friends Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson created this quick 3 minute quiz where you can answer a few simple questions (some of them really make ya think) to see where you are with your mindset, conversions and traffic knowledge. I took the test and watched the video results and I must say that I was pretty darn impressed, if you want to see where you are and take the quiz, Click Here and follow the instructions.


Which tip did you like best? Which mistake do you think you need to work on most or what was your score on the test?

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