Today I’m going to teach you how to have a money mindset that’s powerful.

First I’m going to cover why focusing on the money isn’t the smartest approach. Next I’m going to share with you the missing component to affirmations. Lastly, I’m going to have you replace what you desire with a different word that’s going to change the game for you.

For the last 10, 12 years, we have been in this game of coaching and training people. I think every year I thought that I knew all there was to know about money mindset and every year I learned that I didn’t know everything about money mindset. In just this past year, I’ve had more personal growth than any year I’ve ever had, combined. Know that it is smart of you to be looking for money mindset and looking for ways to always improve it. There are ways to improve your money mindset and I hope to really help you out with this post.

Why do I say that focusing on money isn’t the best approach?

Now, I’m not going to give you a speech about being charitable and it’s not about the money or money is bad, evil, greedy or any of that kind of stuff. It’s just not efficient because it’s hard for most people when thinking about money in and of itself to create emotions about. What you should focus on instead when you’re diving into your money mindset is creating visualizations. (we will talk about that in this post) Like, what will you do with the money? See, if you’re desiring money in and of itself, “I sure wish I had a whole bunch of money,” there’s no energetic reason for you to get that because what are you going to do with it? Just hoard it, just shove it under the mattress, hold on to it or put it in a bank account? If there’s no energetic reason for it, it’s hard to generate emotions around that…which is a key factor in manifestation. We will talk more about that…

Instead, ask yourself, “what would I do if I had more money, what would my life look like would I have a beach house, would I be having lunch every day with the kids, would I go to their school and have lunch with them? Would I travel? If so, where would I travel to?” Much, much easier to create visualization and emotion around those things. It’s much easier for you to create emotions around a trip to Hawaii than it is for you to generate ten thousand dollars. Emotions are a massive key to manifestation. Neville Goddard says that by using emotions, that’s what the subconscious which is your co-creator listens to. Not just the subconscious but also your heart. Your heart listens by emotion. Think about and try to get emotional about a lump sum of money, you really can’t unless you start to wander into the space of what would I do with that money.

Also I would be careful of how you answer the question of “what would you do if you had a million dollars? A lot of people that are broke would say oh I would just give it to charity.” Well if you would just give it to charity then why do you need to be the recipient of it ever? Why not just you know the universe, God – they just give it to the charity? If that’s all you’re doing if you’re just the conduit, Why should you get it? You need to think about what are reasons that you should have more money that would make you more happy, give you more joy, give you more fulfillment, make you feel great because quite frankly I think that’s why we are here. I think we are here to live a great experience. We are not here to toil and and be depressed and scared and stressed out all the time. Create some real reasons which will allow you to create some emotions around having more money. In your mind become the person that is having the experiences of someone who has a lot of money? What would that look like to you, how would it feel, how would you know it’s true? Those are all very powerful questions you should start asking.

What is the missing component to affirmations?

Now I have mentioned this already but what is the other component that makes affirmations work? Well there’s actually two things, but one I’m going to focus in on. One is time. How do you spend your time in your mind? If you say affirmations in the morning, “I’m abundant, I’m wealthy, I’m amazing. Miracles happen to me….” and then you spend the rest of the day 10, 12 hours complaining, noticing all the things, you don’t want and being mad at your coworkers, being mad at your boss (justifiably so) and you stay in negative emotion all day long, that’s what you’re going to get more of, not the little affirmations you said for two minutes. What it comes down to is time, but the major one that I’m going to discuss is emotion.

Whatever emotion you hold on to is what you get more of in your life. I know how it works, see some people they’ll watch the news and they’ll get angry. Those refugees, that’s unfair, it’s injustice and they’ll be mad. Okay, one that doesn’t help anything? You being upset, you changing your profile cover to the thing that you’re upset about doesn’t actually do anything but your emotions do. That emotion you’re holding on to of unfairness, of injustice, of anger, that’s what you get to have more of because your subconscious is reading your emotions always and your subconscious doesn’t have the faintest idea that you don’t know how powerful you are. You are a co-creator and so the emotions you hold on to is telling the subconscious this is what I want more of. Please bring me more of this and the subconscious is a non-judgmental partner. It thinks well they know how powerful they are….It’s not what I would wish for but hook it up, make him stub his toe or something. You holding on to whatever emotion, you’re telling the subconscious “I want more of this.”

If you started just changing the bridge (the bridge is gratitude) and start being more grateful, if you started noticing the flowers along your path, if you started noticing how soft your pillow was, if you started noticing and being grateful that you have clean drinking water, (you know there was a day not that long ago where 27,000 people a day died from dysentery, from not having clean water), if you have a roof over your head, if you have clean drinking water, you’re better than 80, 85% of the entire world. Are you grateful for that? Because if you can hold that attitude of gratitude, if you can hold it, guess what you get more of? More things to be grateful for.

Too often we have something fortunate happen to us, we find a dollar on the sidewalk or we get an unexpected check in the mail or something, but what do we do? We don’t tell that to anybody, we don’t discuss it, we don’t share that on social media, we don’t dwell on that, we don’t report on that. But wait till you get a bad service at a restaurant. Who hears about it? Yelp, google, friends, social media of course. Got to virtue signal. So we take the bad thing and we blow that up to smithereens. We talk about it all day long every day to everyone we know. Who do we call? Some people they operate like something bad happens, it’s like who do I call, who do I go and tell them all about it? That’s why they keep getting more things to call people about.

Hold on to the positive emotion one that you want in your life and watch how that changes your entire life.

Who needs this? 

Before we get to my last point, who needs to hear this? Who needs this training? Who’s in your life that could benefit from this training? Not necessarily that they’re no good or whatever but who is actively looking to improve their finances and if that’s true, then you need to know it’s about their mindset. Absolutely. You see you can always know your money mindset by the amount of money you have, that’s your money mindset. Not how many books you’ve read, not how often you’re in the library or how many times you’ve reread Think and Grow Rich but it’s how much money do you actually have, that’s your money mindset, that’s your barometer. Who would enjoy and benefit from this post? Feel free to share.

What word should you use instead of desire?

Lastly I mentioned that I suggest that you replace the word desire. Get out of the desiring game
and instead I’ll give you two options. Choice and tension. Both of those words are more powerful. Desire means I don’t have. Do you desire something you have right now? I really desire this shirt. Why would I desire, I’m wearing it. I choose to wear this shirt, I had an intention to wear this shirt and here we are. Desire is one of those words like so many affirmations where you say I will be successful, which is all that is it’s an admittance that you’re not currently. I will be healthy is an admittance that you’re not currently. Be careful of your words, not because the words are as powerful as you think but they lead to the emotions which are ultimate power. Your emotions are what’s co-creating (we’ve mentioned this) it’s what’s co-creating your world around you.

Intention. I have the intention of doing this thing. An intention is not making things so important that you must have it and you need it and whatever because when you set things up too much importance then often it throws balance off. It has you not get that thing that is so important to you. You also don’t want to set it into the future. I will be. See it as if you already have that thing. See as if you’re already successful, you’re already that person that you want to become. This is something that so many great gurus over the years have talked about. I think one of the best ones is Neville Goddard. He talks about before you go to bed, see that thing that you wish you had as if you already have it, feel the emotion then go off to bed because that’s when the subconscious kicks in. Stop desiring (stop using that word) and instead that thing that which you desire, see yourself as already having it, choose to have it, experience it, in your mind live in memories of your future,, not memories of your past and watch how things show up in your life.

Powerful way to improve your money mindset.

One of the most powerful ways that I have improved my money mindset and my results is by getting coaching. You have to pay for coaching. The act of paying for coaching actually improves your money mindset. The act of getting coaching actually will help you get more results so it accomplishes two things in one. I’m going to put a link here ( nothing to buy there. There’s no shopping cart, you can’t pay for bitcoin or anything. There’s a link there, you click that and you’ll be able to fill in an application. Tell us where we could help you. We have group coaching, we have one-on-one coaching and all you have to do is fill that out and we will see if we can help you. We will give you some different options. This is the number one way to actually help improve your money mindset…by going down the path of hiring someone to help you is so powerful and I hope to see in the coaching.

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