How To Handle Trolls

Wondering how to handle internet trolls?

Here I share exactly what I say to internet trolls and haters.

How To Handle Trolls On Facebook Live Videos

How do you handle trolls during a live video?

So your options are to ignore them or expose them, right?

Honestly, I’ve been a little sad because on Facebook I hardly ever get trolls anymore. I’m like come on guys, step it up man.

On Instagram, whoo, I get some nice ones!

I’m like finally, there they are. I mean I get curse words, I get all kinds of stuff. And I just … I love it. Honestly, I love it.

Why I Love Trolls

I love it because it allows me to defend the defenseless. It allows me to defend the underdog. It allows me to defend the underestimated.

I use a troll on my video as an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity for those who aren’t postured, those who are underestimated, those who have been picked over, that they’ve been tossed aside, that no one believes in them, they’re the voiceless. It allows me to stand up for them.

I just say “Hey guys, hey you all see Joe on here? Hey you all see his comment? You all see that comment?”

And Joe is not used to that. See, Joe is used to spewing hate and people being like “Oh, Joe, is that really how I am?  Please don’t think that way Joesy.”

They’re used to that kind of crap. So, they don’t know what to think when I respond.

How I Handle Trolls

“Hey, you all see Joe’s comment? Hey, check it out. Joe says blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah .

Imagine that the highlight of your day. You don’t produce a fricking thing, you don’t help a human being on the planet, you don’t see human suffering at all. Your sole mission in life is to come on live videos and drop hate. Can you imagine the soul sucking life that that must be?

But in all honesty, Joe, bro, I’m sorry. I’m sorry life has been tough on you. I’m sorry that things haven’t gone your way. And, I’m sorry that maybe people have made promises to you that maybe they broke them, but I’m just going to throw it out there, your life will never get better until you get better.

If all you do is you just spend your life dropping hate, you are never going to achieve anything, my friend. I know I’m calling you out here because your actions are pure bullshit and it’s a pure waste of everyone on the planet’s time. I hope that you know I’m actually rooting for you Joe.

Joe, I hope that you actually come out of that cocoon that you’re in. I hope that you come out of the mud and the mire that you’re in, that swampland that you live in that makes you think that it’s okay to drop hate on the internet, all right? So I’m rooting for you Joe.”

See, I do kind of a push/pull right there.

I do the push of telling them what they need to hear of.  You know, can you imagine such a soul sucking shitty life that that’s what you do, you just go and drop hate.

I’m NOT trying to give all positive attention to this troll, right? I’m going to call it out, but then I do want to address the reality.

There is NO Happy Troll

Do you think there’s a happy internet troll?

Think about it for a second.

There’s no troll they’re just strolling around, what a beautiful day, a butterfly, awe. They have a little dandelion. Gosh, what a glorious day. Hey, you suck Higdon.

There’s no happy internet troll.

So, their life sucks. It sucks, and they’re trying to make everyone else’s life suck.

Maybe if someone stops, you know, reacting and giving them what they actually want, which is negative attention.

By the way, some of your family operate this way too. Some of your family operate this way. They say that thing will never work, and you’re like I’m trying really hard.

Someone tells me that ain’t going to work, I say “Hey, I’m sorry you feel that way, but it’s not going to stop me. I wish you the best.”

I don’t get defensive. I’m just like whatever, that’s your opinion.

But just note there is no happy person that just a loving, caring, they’re serving soup at the soup kitchen and then they go online and say you suck Higdon, right? That doesn’t exist guys, so I hope you get that.

Major Opportunity To Show Up

So, I look at it as a major opportunity.

I absolutely love it. And, I wish we had more on Facebook. I know that’s funny to say, but I want that example. I want people to see that example.

For my rank makers, the people that I show up for every single day, because I love them and I understand them and I got their back.

One of the most important components of your video is the headline because that is what determines if they stop their scroll or not.

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