You’re wondering how to grow your MLM business.

Well today I’m going to teach you exactly how to do it.  First I’m going to share the number one thing that’s going to stop you. Next I’m going to share with you the three things that I did to make my first million dollars in network marketing. Lastly I’m going to share the fastest way to grow your MLM business that’s working right now.

What’s going to stop you?

The number one thing that will stop you….but I hope it doesn’t…..I don’t want it to but here’s what knocks out the most amount of people that start network marketing and end up never reaching their potential. They join their business and then they go and seek acceptance, approval and agreement from their peers, their warm market and their friends and family. You have to understand that if you require acceptance and approval then this isn’t going to work.

Most people are skeptical of the things they don’t understand. Couple that with the existing (at least in the United States and some other countries) stigma around network marketing. I just want to make you aware of it.

There was a guy in my team who was a big time real estate guy, commercial real estate and he had made tens of millions of dollars in real estate. He joined our network marketing team and he’s signing people up like crazy. He’s rocking and rolling……one day he calls me and he says

“hey man, I had something weird happen.” 


I was talking to this guy and it was almost as if he was skeptical about network marketing!”

I’m thinking… “oh my god, you’re so cute…”

Alan (that was his name) you cracked me up!”

Understand not everyone knows that there’s a stigma to network marketing. Not everyone is skeptical about network marketing, but there is a lot of that out there and if you go and require acceptance, approval and agreement, you’re not going to get it. Plus the act of seeking that means you’re not totally convinced that you’re going to do it. You have to be willing to fly in the face of others and do it anyway.

It reminds me of when I saw a newspaper article back in the mid or late 90s and they were calling for the firing of Jeff Bezos. They said “Bezos, this guy should be called bozos”, “we need to get rid of this guy.” “We’re not making a profit”, “we’re this….or that…” and obviously you know time told that he’s a genius. He built one of the most profitable, most successful companies on planet earth.

Know that you’re not going to be appreciated, accepted, approved and agreed with all along your journey as an entrepreneur or all along your journey as a network marketer.

You have to be willing to face ridicule, you have to be willing to possibly look stupid.

I know that when I involuntarily left real estate because the real estate market crashed and started network marketing, a lot of people made fun of me for it. They said “oh, couldn’t make it in real estate, huh, that thing’s not going to work out.” I’m thinking…..all right, that’s fine. Side note…a lot of those same people not knowing that I know what they said have asked if I would hire them, that’s how it goes.

You can’t require support, acceptance, approval or agreement at the beginning of your journey. You have to go earn that, you have to go do the work despite a lack of support or despite an abundance of obstacles.

The 3 things I did to make my first million in network marketing. 

What are the three things that I did to make my first million dollars in network marketing?

Number one… I read a book called “Go for No. ” Sounds like a terrible book…right? Who wants no’s, I want yeses. Well it helps you really build your muscle so that you reduce your reaction to rejection and your hesitancy to rejection. It gets you to where you’re not that affected by rejection anymore, which inflicts a lot of people. A lot of people they don’t get to where they want to go because they’re so worried about being rejected. It’s not a life sentence, it’s not life or death here. You’re seeing if someone’s open, if they’re open, you move forward. If not, it’s not a big deal. It really isn’t.

I read this book and it made sense to me so I set a no goal. Step one of the three steps that I did was I went for 20 no’s a day every day.

I was starting in a pretty bad situation. I was dead broke, personal foreclosure, had been through a divorce, sleeping on my buddy’s couch, deeply depressed because I lost it all.  I didn’t have the greatest mindset to start or motivation but I was very serious about changing it. So I went for 20 noes a day.

Number two… I started doing a video a day. The reason I started doing that is because I wanted to get more people reaching out to me. I was doing all the reach outs in the beginning. Reaching out to people I know, people that I didn’t know and just seeing who was open and just hustling, hustle and hustling. I wanted to get more people reaching out to me because that sounds a lot cooler. I’d rather have people ask me about my business than me have to ask them.

I started doing a video a day (which by the way I kept doing for over 12 years). For over 12 years, I never missed a day even on our honeymoon. We were in Fiji, I would get up before she was awake, shoot a quick video and then get back to our honeymoon. A little crazy, a little crazy. I get it, I know this….but that strategy worked. There was a point in time where I was building my network marketing business and generating over 3,000 leads a month without ads.

Step 1…20 no’s a day. Step 2….start doing a video a day (I relied on the fact that eventually it would work out because it wasn’t working in the beginning). Step 3….personal development. 

Number three… personal development every day. I would either walk around my neighborhood and listen to a powerful audio book or I would read a chapter in a book. I consumed in the beginning- I consumed a lot of free information because I didn’t have a lot of money. Now if you fast forward, I actually invest a lot of money in my self-education, coaching and masterminds etc.

Those are the three things that I did to reach my first million dollars.

What’s the fastest way to grow your business that’s working right now? 

Very, very simple. It is short video. By short video I mean TikTok, Instagram reels and Facebook reels. These things might be 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds but I’m talking short. Short videos are the absolute kings of marketing right now. The reason is when TikTok came out, they rolled out a very different algorithm than all the other social media platforms. They rolled out an algorithm that essentially said “hey, who might like this content whether they know the originator or not.”

If you ever notice when you scroll on TikTok or on any of your social media platforms whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, if you’re seeing reels, it’s a very good chance you’re seeing reels from people you don’t know. That wasn’t always the case. Facebook and Instagram would really only show stuff to people that already knew that person, but that mold was broken with TikTok. Since Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) and Facebook reels have also adopted at least part of that algorithm. If you want to get in front of more people, you need to be doing short videos. Short videos are the absolute key.

You’re not going to do a whole bunch of education on these videos. You may have a point or two but it’s something. If I was to give you one bit of advice…think about the short video that ends with “ask me how.”

Now, “ask me how” doesn’t mean ask me how to purchase my product or service. That might be a video, you might test out but it’s more of “ask me how” to learn something. If you have organic cleaning supplies, maybe there you have a short video where you’re throwing away the Drano and Windex…’re throwing away all the bad chemicals for your kids and saying “I’ve now replaced all these with things that are healthy for my family…. Ask me how.” That would be a video that would get you comments. Have people reaching out to you which you would follow up with and then tell them about your product or your opportunity.

Short videos are the absolute key if you’re trying to get a bigger following or you’re trying to get more leads and make more sales….definitely learn the art of short video.

I want to help you start doing more short videos.

We have a free training that will walk you through a three-step launch on how to start doing short videos so that you can start posting them on TikTok or Instagram reels or Facebook reels. It will cover what has worked based on our testing of thousands of videos. We’ve been doing this for a really long time and we’ve helped people have videos with over a million views. Which is just crazy! We have some students that have generated thousands and thousands of dollars from one video and we want to show you how to do that.

Here is the link click the link and registered for it. It is free to attend and I know it’s going to help you.

Ray Higdon

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