Today we will cover how to grow MLM business online.

First I’m going to talk about how to think about MLM and the network marketing industry if you’re brand new. Next I’m going to share the four components of how to make more money in MLM. Lastly, I’m going to share the fastest way for you to see results.

How to think of MLM if you are brand new.

If you are brand new and just entered network marketing or multi-level marketing, how should you be thinking? First of all, you need to think long term. A lot of people they come into this game and they are thinking, “how quickly can I make money this month and if I don’t make money this month, this thing is dumb.” If that’s the case then you are very likely to have wasted your money joining. I hate to say that to you but hopefully I’m hitting you with a reality check so you can recalibrate and re-reshape how you are looking at this business. This is a long-term business that most people that have made millions and millions of dollars in the industry including myself did not make a bunch of money our first month.

What did I make my first month, I don’t think I made hardly anything at all. I was trying, but when people ask me, “well how much money did you make your first month?” I have a very different answer. The answer is “I don’t know because there were people that I recruited in my first month of network marketing that ordered every month all of the years that I was in network marketing and there are some people that started with me my very first month that went on to build large organizations. So if you look over time long term, that first month of effort might have made me over the years hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, hard to track.” Now if you said what did I put in my pocket in month one, it wasn’t that impressive.

This is a long-term kind of approach. There are people that I brought in who went on to build teams of 10,000 people but it doesn’t mean it happened fast. Some of those took time. I have people that were in my organization that didn’t do anything the first two years and then they “caught the bug” and they built a business. The key thing I’m trying to emphasize here is stop going broke trying to get rich quick. Stop thinking short term and hinging your decisions on the short term because that’s not the way you approach most businesses and especially network marketing.

What are the four components of making more money in network marketing?

Well it’s pipeline, posture, position, perspective. I will quickly go through these. These are things that I have talked about a lot on this blog and our YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe,

Pipeline is how many people have you reached out to, followed up with, set appointments with, met with, sent samples to (if that’s you know what your company does). It’s who are you working with, who are you following up, who have you contacted already and you taking the time to track it.  At the end of this post, I will share something we created to help you with tracking, so that you can have a more efficient pipeline.

Position is recognizing where is your prospect. This is as simple as knowing that anyone you haven’t talked to is in position zero. You don’t know if they are interested, you don’t know if they have a level of desire. For you to move them up a higher position, you have to ask questions. “Hey, are you open to learning more…” This is one of the cool benefits of network marketing, you don’t have to create the product, you don’t have to mix the product in your basement, you don’t have to get a patent attorney, a trademark attorney, understand supply chain management, currency conversion, all that’s done for you. Literally the only thing you have to do is tell people “hey, are you open and take a look at what I’m doing?” You would have to do that in any business anyway whether you’re in real estate or whether…regardless of what you’re in. Position is always knowing where is the prospect. If the prospect moves forward, if the prospect raises their hand and says “hey, I’ll attend that meeting.” Now you have more more information, you have more data so you can rely on that data to find out more about them. “What were you hoping to see?” “What makes you want to make extra money or lose weight or whatever….” You paying attention to position is going to increase the effectiveness of your close rate.

Then there is posture. Posture is the knowing what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval. This is whether someone is being negative about your product, service or opportunity or the industry in general, are you easily affected by their opinions? Someone who is postured isn’t easily affected. Here’s the thing to understand, everyone has posture around something. It’s just that most network marketers don’t have posture around their industry. If someone came to you and said “hey man, I was on WikiLeaks last night and I think electricity is a scam.” You wouldn’t say, “oh my god, really? Oh no, let me call my electrical engineering friend and find out.” No, you’d say, “I think it’s real buddy.” I may not understand how it works but don’t think it’s a scam. You’re postured around electricity. What most people aren’t postured around is network marketing. If you’re not postured, you’re going to get pushed around.

The fourth piece is perspective, that is what do you spend the majority of your time thinking in your head. Where is the majority of your mental energy going? Is it going to prove all the things that you don’t want? Is it going to notice all the things that you don’t like? Is it there to fulfill what you’ve been fulfilling and get the same kind of results you’ve been getting? Or are you actually using it as a powerful tool and changing your perspective to represent the things in your life that you actually want in your life? Very big difference there that will absolutely increase your speed as well.

Let’s hear from you.

Before we get to my last point, I want to give away some prizes. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel and drop me a comment on how long you have been in network marketing and how you got started, I’m going to pick a few of you to win one of our 90-day journals. They are perfect for tracking your pipeline. They are custom developed by us. Whenever I go to show one on video I find some drawings from my daughter, isn’t that cool? It’s funny where I find her drawings but our 90-day journal will really help you with tracking your prospects in your pipeline. To possibly win all you have to do is subscribe to our YouTube channel (, drop me a comment in the comments and tell me how long you have been in network marketing and how you got started.

What is the fastest way to get results?

Right now the fastest way in all of marketing to get results is with short video. Short video is so incredible right now. What I’m referring to is TikTok, Facebook reels and Instagram reels. These are usually less than one minute videos and their traction is amazing. The algorithm is very friendly to them. It had became very tough to get new people on a Facebook live, those of you who have been in marketing for a little bit know this…It started getting harder and harder to get people on Facebook lives, but with these new Facebook reels, TikTok’s, Instagram reels, you have the real potential of going viral.

We have multiple Facebook reels that we did not spend a dime on that have over a million views. We have one student, Leah, she has a reel with over 15 million views. Just to put that into perspective less than 15 million people watch the last Olympics. Think about that…it’s crazy. There is no question, as far as marketing, reels is where it’s at. Consistently doing reels is absolutely the key if you want to grow fast. If you want to get in front of people that have never seen you before, heard of you, know you, then reels are absolutely where it’s at. Now you do not want to just go and create one thing for Facebook reels. If you are going to create one, why not take that same video and post it on all three platforms? We will create one video and put it on TikTok, Instagram reels and Facebook reels. That’s been a really, powerful combination of effort to get more leads to generate more sales and get more attention.

Would you like help around doing these short videos?

We have a very in-depth training we call our “three-step launch” for growing your short video presence. If you would like more information on that or you would like that free training, click this link,, it will take you to the free training. It is very in-depth…I walk screen by screen and show you exactly what to do and how to crush it on all of these short video platforms. Click the link, because I know it’s really going to help you out.

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