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How to Get Out of The Rat Race


If you are not building a residual income, in some ways, you are in a rat race. The best interest of corporate America or the corporate world, is to keep you in that rat race performing so that they can profit from your efforts. In this post I will first define this vicious cycle, the rat race and then talk about how you can get out of it (and why you really should want to).

Meet John.. John is in the rat race

I have a good friend, lets say his name is John. John, like many, went through a lot of struggles and even was working multiple jobs at one point just a couple years ago until he found a job with a consulting company. Last year John crushed his sales quota and was the top salesman in his category worldwide making close to $200,000 for the year! Sounds awesome right? Here’s the catch, this year his quota has been increased, if he wants a promotion he has to move and coming off his awesome year his salary is already down almost $20,000 unless he reaches his huge quota THIS year. That, my friends, is a rat race.

Some Get Killed in the Rat Race

Meet my other friend, lets say his name is Allan. Allan is one of the best guys I have ever met, true and loyal and also, a great salesman. Allan started working for an equipment rental company and took over an area and just started crushing it. In that company salespeople are designated by physical area. Well, when the boss sees how well this AREA (he saw it as a good area vs my friend being a great salesperson), he splits the area in two, gives the part with the majority of sales to his son and gives my friend the crappies part, of course, keeping the same sales quota. When Allan doesn’t hit the quota, he is fired. Another story of a great employee wrongfully let go.

Even Non Sales People Are in the Rat Race

The better and more capable of an employee you are, the more is expected of you. Sometimes the worst thing that can happen, long term, is to get a raise or promotion. The securing of that raise or promotion can have you forced to work longer hours and miss the truly important things in life. NO AMOUNT OF SALARY IS WORTH MISSING IMPORTANT FAMILY MOMENTS. You can never get back the time you missed out on taking your kids to school, watching their soccer, football or cheerleader practice, those are gone forever and when you get to the end of your days you will NEVER wish you would have worked on that company project longer or tried to do better at work.

Ray Higdon Speaking at the No Excuses Summit

Speaking at the No Excuses Summit

How to Get Out of the Rat Race

You may be making a ton of money but if you are not creating a residual income, you are going to keep working for years if not decades the same or more amount of hours, everyday, trading dollars for hours. You can build a residual income extremely part time by just following a small set of instructions:

1. Find a leader you like and learn from them how you can build a residual income.

2. Have a vehicle to introduce people to that will also help them create cashflow

3. Have a set amount of people you introduce it to on a daily basis (if you are working 90 hours a week, just show 3 people per day)

4. Have your leader train those new people for you and help them.

Slowly build that residual income, don’t make any rash decisions like quitting too early, and chip away. This is a long term process and decision but if you think about it, so is slaving away for someone else. The alternative to NOT doing this will have you missing even more time away from loved ones and running into scenarios such as Allan and John. I hope this helps some of you understand and realize that it doesn’t take a miracle to get out of the rat race and if you look back over the last 2 years, would you trade an hour a day back then had you built a $5,000-$10,000 a month residual income? I bet you would =)

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