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How To Get Massive Exposure To
Build Your Homebased Business Opportunity

I believe that the desire to get massive exposure may be greater than the actual desire of making money in a lot of people wanting to build their homebased business opportunity. Those of you reading this that think, what the heck is Ray talking about? I wanna make money, who cares about exposure? Well, if you thought that, I would be willing to say that you are the minority, not the majority. In this blog I am going to share with you how I have been able to get massive exposure to myself that has helped me expand my business, build a brand and make a whole lot of money!

Why do you want exposure for your homebased business opportunity?

Let’s face it, the more eyeballs you get on your, your website and your homebased business opportunity, the better. In the last few months I have had the following massive exposure scenarios come my way:

– I have been asked to conduct two separate webinars for My Lead System Pro, one on Twitter Lead Automation and the other on 10 Ways to Get 50 Leads Per day

– I have been asked to be a speaker at the No Excuses Summit

– I just got asked to do an article and a webinar for Magnetic Sponsoring’s Whats Working Now

– And a TON of exposure through my primary company where I have won trips, a BMW 7 Series and the chance to speak in front of the entire company multiple times

So, how the heck can you get that kind of crazy, free, exposure to hundreds and thousands of people? Do you really want the formula?

The Guaranteed Formula to Get Massive Exposure for your Homebased Business Opportunity

Produce. Roll up your sleeves and produce. What people see now is my ability to get exposure easily as a speaker and trainer but what they don’t see is the full year of head down, working my business in the nitty gritty. The biggest mistake I see people make when they desire exposure is they equate it to luck. They equate the person that is getting exposure as being lucky and if only you could get exposure, you would also be a top mlm earner. WRONG! It is actually the OTHER WAY AROUND.

When you go out there and produce and get massive results, your content is richer and better and people ARE attracted to you and want to be around you. A slick, funny or cool video only carries so much weight. Going out and grabbing the world by the you know what and producing in your homebased business opportunity and combining that with generation of content is the sure fire way to get massive exposure. Don’t think of what people can do for you, think of, how you can create massive value for yourself and others and build a business without even thinking you need luck to do it.

You don’t want to try to skip the hard work part, embrace and enjoy it. The more you do of it, the luckier you will get and the more exposure will simply fall in your lap. Know that anyone you think is a overnight wonder, is not. Understand that it takes hard work to get to success and be willing to do it versus sitting and hoping you get asked if you would like exposure.

Does this sting? Are you mad at me for telling you how it is? Quickly Let me know your comments at the bottom of this post!

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To Your Abundance!

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