Today I’m going to teach you how to get good leads for network marketing.

First, I’m going to share the psychology of leads and how you really need to be thinking about them to get more of them. Number two, I’m going to share why most people struggle with lead generation. Lastly I’m going to give you the very best way to get leads right now.

There was a time in my network marketing career where I was so afraid of reaching out to people that I knew or even telling them that I was in network marketing. So I really wanted to generate leads. We are going to teach you how to get leads today, but I want to encourage you that if you start stepping up and you start showing up more powerfully in different areas of your life, it’s amazing how you’ll start attracting higher quality people. 

If you have yet to tell your friends and family that you’re in network marketing, there’s videos on our YouTube channel on exactly how to say it without being annoying, weird or you feeling disappointed or anything. I would encourage you, in your pursuit of generating leads, to make sure you ask the people that you already know. I will tell you there’s nothing worse than going to a company event and seeing someone you know but never reached out to cross the stage. I had that happen.  After that I vowed I’m going to tell everybody around me that I’m in…whether they join or not, that’s up to them. In your pursuit of leads, make sure that you’re also letting the people around you know.

What is the psychology of leads?

You have to understand that everyone out there, just make this blanket assumption and you I promise you, you will be safe. Everyone out there is thinking “what’s in it for me.” No one cares about Ray’s quota, no one cares about “hey, I just got hit with a big bill, guys.” Nobody cares. No one cares what my quota is or my desires, they only care about their desires, their problems and their struggles. There’s a real tendency for people to get into network marketing and they go with sorrow or their desires. “Hey guys, I’m really trying to save up to get a new car. Least you could do is buy a candy bar from me.” A couple people accommodate you, sure but that’s never going to build an actual business and you are in a business. Network marketing is a business and a business is a provider of value. A business is a solver of problems.

Why did Peloton does so well? It’s an exercise bike. Why do they do so well? Because people wanted to be led by a coach without leaving their house. They wanted it to be more interesting. Exercise is pretty boring, you have to get creative and look at TVs or something. They wanted to include them and make a more immersive experience. Then they did the whole, let’s make teams, let’s compete against different teams. Now they mixed in competition. Think about the old school way of exercise bike. No competition unless you’re just competing with yourself which only a small percentage of people would actually do…as far as their times or whatever their measurements are, I don’t know. Peloton made it a competition, they made it fun, they made it diverse with so many different instructors.

Think about Topgolf. I mean one of the most boring things on the planet a golf driving range. They have a soda machine and that doesn’t have the the flavor that you want, there’s no food of course because it’s a golf driving range. Then Topgolf comes out and they charge you an arm and a leg but you get beer, wings, nachos, all these fun targets and different games that you can play in these electronic displays. It’s awesome, that’s why they’re doing good. They’re solving a problem and they’re providing value and they’re helping to solve desire.

In your marketing, you have to think about what problem are you solving, what desire are you helping to accomplish and are you speaking to them? My good friend Ben Settle, he says, “talk more about their crab grass than your weed killer. “ What the heck does that mean? Well most people, what do they do? They talk about their weed killer, they talk about their Vitamin E or they talk about their shampoo or they talk about their essential oil or they talk about their CBD. They should be talking about the actual problem which is the crab grass, talk about their stress, just talk about them struggling for sleep, talk about the low energy, talk about being overweight. Talk about their problem more than your solution and you’ll have people reaching out to you like crazy.

Why do most people struggle with leads?

It really comes down to understanding the sales cycle. The sales cycle is something we originally taught in the 14-day challenge. The sales cycle is the understanding that there are only two to three percent (and that’s a very optimistic number) they’re only two to three percent of people out there just looking to buy what you got. They literally just came on Facebook, “Hey Martha, I’m looking for a new CBD oil. Here’s one.” Very few people are out searching for that thing that you’re selling, but there’s a lot of people that need more information. Especially on social media when you just go for the jugular, when you’re like “buy my thing, here’s the cream, here’s the shampoo, here’s the weight loss pill” when you’re just going like that, maybe you’re falling on two to three percent of people that are just ready to buy but you’re turning off 95%. 95% plus of people they’re not ready to buy. When you try to make them buy, you turn them off.

Think of 95% of the people on your social media channel NMI – need more information. Instead of just hitting them with your sales link, instead provide value, give them tips. If I had a product CBD or whatever that helped with sleep. Guess what I would do? I would do short videos around how to improve your sleep. I would talk about rating different pillows, rating different mattresses. I would talk about what not to eat, don’t eat cayenne pepper before you go to bed. Whatever. I would talk about things to do and not do so you get a higher quality of sleep. This would turn on the 95% who love that kind of information and that have a problem they’re trying to solve. Then I would follow up with those leads and tell them my solution.

I might ask them, “hey, tell me about your sleeping journey. What have you tried so far?”

*insert their response*

“Oh my goodness, I tried a lot of those things too but I found this thing that really works well….”

See that’s a much more natural progression in the sales cycle than just trying to cram your sales page link down everyone’s throat on social media. 

Do this next. 

Before we get to my last point, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, If you’re serious about growing a network marketing business, we cover every aspect on our channel. Everything from closing to mindset to follow-up to daily routine to creating TikTok videos, Instagram videos etc. Make sure you subscribe and hit that little bell button so that you’re notified when we roll out a new one. We roll out 20 new videos every single month, high quality, in depth to help you become the best network marketer you can possibly become.

What is the best way to get leads right now?

Well there’s no question, there’s a new giant in the marketing arena and that is short videos. Short videos are the King Kong’s, the Godzilla’s, the gorillas, the monsters of marketing now. For example on our Instagram channel right now, last week we reached 3.2 million people who don’t follow us, with no ads only through Instagram reels. What’s beautiful and amazing about these short videos (TikTok, Instagram reels and Facebook reels) is they have a totally different algorithm than what most people are used to on social media.

Most algorithms, they will take your content and show it to a small percentage of people that follow you. If it does well they’ll show to a little bit more. Never 100%. That Facebook post that you made, you have never had 100% of your friends that are connected to you ever see that post. Any post, but depending on how well it did, a little bit more got shown. Reels and TikTok they operate a little differently. They take your content and they show it to people they think might like the content whether they know you or not. 

This is the ultimate and most amazing way any of us have ever experienced on how to get in front of more people that you don’t already know and for free. Not only for free, but there are times where you can actually get paid. We make between sixteen hundred and twenty one hundred dollars a week from people viewing our Instagram reels. Think about that, that’s crazy, that’s nuts.

By the way it’s not just influencers. We have students that were not influencers that had videos go viral. We have one student that has over 15 million views on one video and that’s with not one dime spent in advertising. Just for context, because maybe you can’t wrap your mind around that, 15 million is higher than the number of people that watch the last Olympics. Think about that, for free. How much did they spend for the Olympics? Maybe a little bit more. This is the way for you to get in front of more people and for you to generate more leads. 

We have Facebook reels with over a million views, I have a couple Instagram reels with over three million views. This is absolutely the way. If you’re serious about network marketing and you’re not doing short video, you’re not doing reels or TikTok’s then you are not that serious. Let me tell you, get out of your own way, get out of your comfort zone, start making these things. Don’t worry so much about them being perfect because they’re not going to be, especially if you’re new to doing them. But get in the habit of doing these things.

Let’s get you started with short videos.

I’m going to give you a resource to help you get started with short videos.  Here is the link  ( to what we call “The short video three-step launch.” This is a training that will walk you through step by step what to say, what to do and how to crush it on TikTok’s, Facebook reels and Instagram reels. I realize that you may not have Facebook reels where you are….by the way we are trying to track this. Do you not have Facebook reels? If so, comment below. Let me know where where you live because I’m just curious when everyone’s going to have access to these things. They are amazing and incredible whether you have it or not. Click the link above and It will walk you through how to crush it with short video.

Ray Higdon

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