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How to Get Free Silver

So, this is pretty cool, no purchase necessary, this is a simple way showing you how to get free silver.

Why Silver or Gold?

I started buying silver as an investment in late 2009. Robert Kiyosaki says if you have cash in the bank, every single day you are losing money as the dollar has been depreciating.

Did you know that today’s dollar can only buy about 2% of what it could buy in 1900? For example, before 1964 you could get a gallon of gas, loaf or bread of pack of cigarettes for 25 cents. The interesting thing is before 1964 US Washington quarters were made of 90% silver. As of the writing of this blog post, one of those quarters is currently worth $5.60 just for silver melt value. Sooo, the silver within the quarter can STILL buy a loaf of bread, gallon of gas and pack of cigarettes. The thing that average Joe and Jane don’t get is the stock market can go up and look pretty and all but if the country is going through inflation, those dollars can purchase less and so you are actually losing money.

This is not meant to give investment advice. Simply sharing information. 🙂

A program that I got involved in back in July of 2009 (Numis Network) sends me free silver coins every single month as I have referred enough customers to qualify to get them for free, however, anyone can now enter this $10 million giveaway to get free silver.

How to Get Free Silver – Step by Step

1. Visit this site – Free Silver Now
2. Enter your name, email address and the phone number is optional but they do call the winner
3. Optional: Watch the videos
4. See if you win! You do not have to enter multiple times, they draw a new winner every single day and this is a neat way to possibly get free silver.

Common Questions About Free Silver Coins

1. Do you have to purchase anything? No
2. What is the size of the free silver coins? They are one ounce silver coins
3. This page seems like it would get a lot of leads, how do I get one? All members of my team get their own page, feel free to email me if interested [email protected]
4. Do you invest in silver? Yes. It, along with a form of insurance, is my main investment strategy.
5. When do they draw to give away the free silver coins? They draw daily, there is a countdown on the page. They do call the winners.
6. Is there any catch? IF you win, they will most likely ask you to give a testimonial on how cool the drawing is, other than that, nope!
7. Where do I enter again? You can enter here.

To Your Abundance!

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