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How to Find Great Blog Content
– Even if You’re Not a Writer


If you are an aspiring marketer, one of the biggest hurdles is how to come up with great blog content. In this quick video not only do I show you how you can easily search and find relevant blog content for network marketing but also how you can get paid to do so!

Blog Content Does NOT Need to Be Difficult

If you were attempting to write fresh daily content 20 years ago, it most certainly was more difficult than it is today with our easy access to the Internet. That being said, there are still people struggling to come up with good strong blog content on a regular basis and that just doesn’t have to be the case.

Relevant Blog Content is Key

The key to good blog content is to identify your target prospect and to speak to them in ways that helps them solve their problems or achieve their desires. Don’t just write for anyone, write for your perfect person. For this blog I write for existing network marketers, so, that is mainly who I attract. Figure out who you want to target and THEN focus on your blog content.

Video: Secret Way I Find Blogging Content Daily


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