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How To Embrace Discomfort To Succeed In Network Marketing

One of my favorite quotes is by Wayne Dyer, “Don’t die with the music inside you.”

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Man, I love that.

Share Your “Music”

You have things inside of you that are begging to come out. But they’re constantly shot down.

They’re begging to come out. It’s like a tiger in a cage just biting at the bars. But we constantly keep those bars on. “I’m much safer if I’ve got the bars, better keep that locked in.”

  • How would my friends react if I started playing as big as I really am?
  • How would my upline react?
  • How would the company react?
  • How would my neighbors react?

That mindset is gonna keep you safe.

You have music inside you, but you gotta get uncomfortable to tap into it.

No one’s gonna hear it if it’s constantly a game of how small can I play. Who’s ever gonna hear that? There’re people begging to hear your music.

Whatever that looks like to you. It may not be anything like what we do. It may be something totally different. Maybe it’s working with kids, maybe it’s working with the elderly. I don’t know what it looks like. You have music inside you, and the world wants to hear it. It’ll never hear it unless you step up.

Embrace Discomfort

Discomfort needs to become your friend. You need to start looking at:

How can I become more uncomfortable?

This is something that has served me my entire career, getting uncomfortable.

And I’ll tell you, a lot of times the moves that I made and that we’ve made the last few years a lot of people didn’t buy into it.

I worked my way up in county government to a database administrator making decent money salary wise. I was making 75,000 a year when I realized that I really didn’t like it anymore and I didn’t want to work in a job that I didn’t like.

Now, most people that work in county government they get to a high salary never leave unless they’re forced to.

Me leaving the corporate job at the county at that salary, everyone was like, “You’re nuts, dude. You’re going out into the wild where you could be fired.”

You really gotta do something drastic to be fired from the county. Really, you could hide somewhere and sharpen pencils for years and still get a check. It’s hard. You gotta really steal some stuff, or start a fire, or something. People definitely didn’t agree with my decision to leave.

Others May Not Agree With You

I went to an insurance company and I did the same kind of job at this insurance company. More money, got a signing bonus. And so, when I left that to go into real estate no one agreed with that decision, no one.

So, not only was I uncomfortable, but I also had no acceptance or approval. When I went into network marketing, no one. Even though real estate was really sucking at time, no one agreed with that decision.

And the last one, is when I told all of my buddies, all of my different trainers that we’ve trained, different mentors, almost everyone we told about the idea and concept around Rank Makers didn’t see it. They’re just like, “Wait, you’re gonna work harder and they’re only gonna pay 20 bucks a month?”  They’re like, “Okie Doke, man. Good luck.” I mean, no one saw that. And now, of course, a lot of them are, “What a genius idea.”

If you don’t tap into your discomfort, if you don’t consistently seek out ways of getting uncomfortable you’re just gonna cap how fast you grow. You always will.

Challenge Yourself

It can become a challenge if you learn to tap into discomfort with the right people.

And so, if I have a coach or mentor that is just agreeing with everything that I’m saying I don’t need them.

I need someone to call me out. I need someone to say, “Well, hey. What about this, and what about that? Well, if you do it that way have you thought about this?”

If you wanna challenge yourself get yourself around people that are going to be willing to challenge you and not just say, “Great job.”

Did you find that helpful?

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