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How-to Doesn’t Usually Matter in
Building a Homebased Business Opportunity

If you want to get traffic, write an article or blog on How to build a homebased business opportunity or how to make a ton of money in 30 days. But, do you realize that the “how-to” do something, rarely actually matters? It is what everyone wants and craves as they believe there is a way to do whatever they want to do in such an easy way that they constantly search out this how-to. So, what really does matter?

Everyone talks about the “Why-To”, What about the “Why Not To” of building a Homebased Business Opportunity

This weekend I had the pleasure to see Noah St John, live in Tampa, Florida. Noah is the author of The Secret Code of Success, which, happens to be one of my top 5 all-time books. He covers a lot of great things in his book and seminar but the most powerful one for me is the difference between our conscious “Why-To” and our subconscious “Why Not To”.

If you ask anyone if they want more money, success, time freedom or confidence, every person you ask will tell you yes. They are consciously aware that they want that stuff. Then, why doesn’t teaching the “How To” get that stuff actually work?

The reason is due to your “why not to’s”

Enter Anthony. Anthony was a top guy in MLM recruiting and earning in his past homebased business opportunity. He had the recognition, was making the money and was having a blast. That homebased business opportunity, unfortunately, lost all their momentum and everyone jumped ship. Anthony saw his income go from $20,000+ per month to nothing. So, what does Anthony do? Well, like any good entrepreneur he dusted himself off and found another homebased business opportunity but he is NOT finding the success he had before. In fact, Anthony is finding it tough to make ANY amount of money. So, what does Anthony do? He goes out there into Internet land to find out all the “How to” ebooks, books, webinars, systems, bracelets, etc, anything to help Anthony build his business. None of it seems to help.

If Anthony had built a Homebased Business Opportunity before, does he REALLY need to know how to do it?

Can you pick up on what might be keeping Anthony back? What is keeping Anthony back is his Why Not To’s. As Noah St John describes so elegantly in his book, a “How to” will never fix a “Why To”. Anthony is NOT building his business as he does not want to lose it again and doesn’t want to disappoint the people around him. He had people that lost money with the last company that still blame him and that hurts him. Anthony is a caring, stand up guy that doesn’t like to disappoint anyone so instead of run that risk, he is subconsciously sabotaging himself so that HE is the only one he disappoints.

So what can Anthony do? The answer is, Make a decision. Decide that this homebased business opportunity has the chance to be different than the last one. See that it is working for some people so he no longer has to protect people from his past people’s demise and move forward. Or, Anthony can decide to get out of the industry and do something else. Being aware of your why not to’s empowers you to move past them and that, is step one.

What did you get out of this story? Does it hit home? I welcome all feedback 🙂

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