Today we are going to talk about how to do social media marketing on Facebook.

First, we will dive into what you need to understand if you’re trying to sell things on Facebook. Next we will talk about how to think about your profile and your content for maximum results. Lastly, I’ll share the number one power move right now for Facebook.

What do you need to understand about selling on Facebook?

The big thing is whatever it is you’re trying to sell, know that the majority of people that you’re connected to on Facebook are not ready to buy. You need to understand a concept that we talk about called position. Position is where you understand what position is your prospect in. For example sometimes you will see people (that still do this after we have been teaching this for 10 plus years) but you’ll still see people they will go to Facebook and they will post some sales link. This is hardly ever going to work for them to actually get sales. Why? Because most people are not ready to buy. Also the “thing” that they’re posting is usually not a compelling “thing” that’s going to close someone or convert someone into buying the “thing,” so you’re pitching out of position.

That would be like walking up to the person you don’t know and saying, “hey you want to get married?”, that’s out of position. There’s a few things that need to happen before you even get to that question, you would hope. Same with trying to sell on Facebook. Understand that there’s a very, very small percentage of people that are on Facebook that are just ready to buy your thing whatever that is. There’s a much higher percentage of people that we classify as NMI (need more information). Understand that most people are not ready to buy, but if they got more information on how your product or service might help them, that would get them closer to purchasing.

How to think about your profile and content for maximum results!

Look at your marketing. What are you putting out there? Are you putting things out there in a manner that is assuming that someone’s just looking for that thing and ready to purchase it? Because if you are, that’s a big mistake, that’s not how it should work. Instead you should be educating people on the benefits, how will it help them, what problems it solves, how it helped you and getting them more warmed up to the idea and thirsty for your solution. When you’re thinking about your profile or you’re thinking about selling on Facebook, you want to think more much, much, much more about the who, not the what. Think more about who you’re trying to connect with, relate to, attract to you versus the what you’re trying to sell.

Example, if you are selling a weight loss protein powder, spend a lot less time talking about the what, spend a lot less time talking about the powder and that it has split peas in it or arginine or whatever else. Spend a lot less time on that sort of thing as if someone is just ready to buy. Instead focus on the who. How do you do that? Well one of the very very simple terms that it’s actually one of my mantras and it should help you as well is, “help the person you used to be.” How has this product or service helped you or helped people like the person you’re trying to attract to you? Think much, much more about them. Where do they struggle, what do they suffer with, what do they think they know but is actually false, what do you wish you would have known earlier if you’re kind of the perfect case study for the person that might buy. Know that people never tire of hearing about their problems and so focus more on talking about them and things that pertain to them. Back to the weight loss powder, if it helped you lose six pounds then talk about how much better you feel now that you’re fitting into some of your old clothes. Talk about how you finally fit into that dress or shirt or whatever and just that little bit of content can turn someone on and make them thirsty, make them curious…. “well how’d you do it? Tell me more about it.” That is a lot more likely than someone just seeing your sales link and purchasing.

Think more about the “who” than the “what” and that should carry over into your profile. It shouldn’t be “seller of the number one itch cream” or whatever. It should be, “I help people that suffer with “this,” I once suffered with “this” (if that’s obviously the case) and relate with them. Have someone if they are your perfect person, they read your bio and think man, this person really gets me, they understand me. That’s the number one thing that people are searching for they’re seeking to be understood. They’re not seeking to be sold, they’re seeking to be understood.

Make it very clear in all of your content, not just on Facebook but anywhere. Make it very clear that you understand them.

Do this next.

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What is the number one power move for Facebook right now?

Well there’s absolutely zero question to that and that is Facebook reels. Facebook reels are unbelievable. I mean they’re just absolutely great, they’re crazy. I had my first million view video from Facebook reels. I think….I don’t even know actually I think we have maybe a half dozen or eight million plus view videos here on Facebook reels. Now the important thing to understand about Facebook reels is we are not paying. We are not driving ads to them, this is free exposure. In fact we have one student that has a Facebook reel with over 15 million views. Just to put that into context, the last Olympics was watched by less than 15 million people. Now she didn’t pay a dime in advertising, they paid millions, tens of millions. I don’t know the ad budget of the Olympics but I guarantee you they paid a whole lot more than zero.

Facebook reels are such a great great chance for you to specifically get your content in front of people that don’t know you. Let me give you the quick background to this. So how did this even happen because no time in history has it been free to get your content or videos or anything in front of a large a number of people that don’t know you. It actually started with TikTok. TikTok came out and they had a very unique algorithm. You see the non-reels Facebook algorithm (really all social media platforms) were if you post something, it would show it to a small percentage of your friends and if some of those friends like it, it would show it to a few more. You have never posted anything that 100% of your Facebook friends even saw, that’s just not how it works. Well TikTok has a very different algorithm in that when you post on TikTok, they take your content and they say who might like this whether they know you or not. That is what kicked off the whole short video phenomenon that we are living in right now as marketers. Facebook saw the popularity of TikTok and saw that it was even more popular than then Facebook. So they are like “hey we need some of that action” and that’s what brought about Instagram reels and it brought about Facebook reels. Your Facebook reel is your greatest chance for someone who doesn’t even know you to see your content. I highly recommend.

If I was starting over right now, I would be doing one to three reels every day. Why? Because it’s basically like if you went to the casino and they said, “hey tell you what, young whip-a-snapper, come up here and we are going to let you roll the dice as many times as you want for no charge but if you win we are going to pay you.” I mean that’s basically what reels are right now. You have an unlimited number of shots to roll the dice and some of them are going to win. Some of them are going to…maybe not go viral but be be seen by thousands of people, tens of thousands of people, maybe even millions like some of our students and some of ours. So I highly recommend that you get in the habit of doing Facebook reels and you can incorporate everything that I have talked about in this post into your making of Facebook reels.

One of our best types of videos that do well here on Facebook are what we call the overcome videos, where you do a very short video of the things you have overcome. That can lead directly to your product as far as hinting at a solution or it can just be to relate with your target kind of person. Some of my most popular videos on there has me and it shares here’s some of the things I’ve overcome: child abuse, dead broke, being in foreclosure, didn’t finish high school on time…all kinds of different things that I have overcome. Then it shares kind of the polarity of now living my dream life, have been married 10 years, lost 50 pounds…. there’s all kinds of things that I can share on the other side of those challenges. You have that too. Maybe you overcame a bad relationship or maybe you overcame a bad childhood or something that you survived and you overcame, that relates with people and resonates with people or it can be a little bit more closer to your product or service. If you’re someone that has an energy product that you drink and gives you more energy then you could talk about how you used to be pounding the coffee, it did not help and needing a nap to now I never need that, I feel fantastic and people will be thirsty for what it is that you’re doing differently. Learn to get in the habit of doing these reels. They’re so powerful.

Additional help with Reels.

We have a ton of training on our YouTube channel around doing Facebook reels, Instagram reels and TikTok’s. Make sure you check those out, here’s the link to our exclusive training, It’s a free training on how to crush it with Facebook reels. It should help you out, so let’s rock and roll. 

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