Today we are going to talk about how to deal with network marketing haters.

First, I’m going to help you out if the network marketing haters in your life are friends and family members or people that actually know you. Next, I’m going to share with you how to deal with the haters, if they’re online people that maybe you don’t know. Lastly, I want to share if you’re getting network marketing, hatred, what to focus on instead.

Increase in anti-MLMers?

You may have noticed, depending on how long you’ve been in this game, that there has been an absolute increase in the fervor of anti-MLMers or anti network marketing kind of people. I really think that it’s because the reach that the average network marketer has, and quite frankly, the average person has, has increased. Whereas before, you would kind of have to be tuned in to hear about success stories around network marketing and whatever. With TikTok, Instagram reels and Facebook reels and other methods, those stories are being propagated at a much faster rate in a much bigger way. Anytime that you have a lot of success happening and it’s being shown to people that aren’t vibrationally aligned with success or aren’t vibrational aligned with some average ordinary person making money, it’s going to increase the fight against it.

One thing that I saw that really kind of blew me away, but it also made sense was I saw a video, Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston and it was a short, goofy video about hats. Right? So they’re trying on little hats, short hats, big hats…. all different types of hats. Yeah, it was cute. It wasn’t overwhelmingly awesome but you know, it was funny, it was art, whatever. I just happen to see the comments and I’m like, “omg just die…” there were thousands of “die” comments. You guys saw these words, right? It was so negative. One, I think first of all, a lot of society is more negative than it used to be. Period. Number two, success and hate seems to be getting more reach, period. Right? You have people going viral on TikTok with hatred messages as well as success messages. So both parties are witnessing or being a part of these different things. It’s really wild, you now have more and more people, at least hearing the idea of how an average ordinary person can come into network marketing and make money. For those that don’t vibe with that, they actually don’t like the idea of someone that isn’t a professor or isn’t a celebrity or isn’t a whatever, being able to make money, more money than them kind of grates against them. So let me give you some advice on how to deal with it.

What if the anti MLMers are people you know?

If you have friends and family members and they are hating on you, or they’re rejecting you or whatever, don’t try to convince them. Stop trying to turn them around, right? Stop trying to show them examples. Stop trying to dance for someone who will never applaud you. If you have a friend or family member and they’re like, “oh, that network marketing…it’s terrible, it sucks” (or whatever). Say “cool, Hey, thanks for your opinion. I appreciate it.” Then move along. I’m not saying that you have to ostracize them. I’m not saying that you have to unfriend them or whatever. Just don’t try to convince them and stop spending energy on them.

A great example is my wife, actually. When we were dating, she joined my network marketing team. She was 21 years old. She started building on her own. When she first started, she went to her family and they said, “That’s stupid. Why are you doing this? Don’t you have a degree…” and they were not fans to say the least. When she got to $10,000 a month, her two brothers joined, her mom joined and her dad built her a spreadsheet. If you’re trying to convince friends and family members that it’s great before you do something and really make a splash, you’re making a mistake, stop doing that. Go make it rain without their support, without their approval, without their agreement. This includes your spouse (by the way) even if your spouse is hating on it, go do it, pay off his truck and then say “There you go, my friend”….right. You need to be willing to go fight the battle without their support, fight the battle without their understanding. That’s how you handle their friends and family members.

What about strangers?

Now a more insidious and kind of gross version of the network marketing haters is the online trolls. They literally are going out of their way to harm you. I do believe because, you know, I believe that in war, there’s both sides and they each believe they’re fighting the good fight, right. I have to think that some of them do think they’re doing good. They think that they’re preventing mom and pop from spending a couple 100 bucks on a product or whatever, like they literally think that they’re saving people, right. They’re not giving them any solutions. But they’re saving them from spending money, their hard earned money. Regardless of how many testimonials of how many thousands and thousands of people have changed their life, through network marketing. I really do believe some of them believe that they’re doing a service, they believe they’re doing good, they believe that they’re saving the single moms wages from being blown away at your event.

This is where you need to understand that there is no magic or mysticism around network marketing. All right, it comes down to pipeline. It comes down to who makes money in real estate, the people that talk to people, right? Who makes money in network marketing, the people that talk to people. If someone is joining a network marketing company, and they’re told that they don’t have to get customers, that they don’t have to talk to people. If they’re being told that then then that person is doing a great disservice. Right? I tell them, it’s hard. This is hard work, you have to talk to people, you’re going to get rejected, you’re going to have people make fun of you, right? This isn’t like when someone starts a job, no one’s really making fun of them for that job. You join network marketing, you’re probably going to have some people make fun of you, because they just don’t know. One of the reasons that people have that kind of propensity toward network marketing is that it’s such a low barrier of entry to start a business. If you had to pay $150,000, like some people pay for a restaurant to start a network marketing business, all the people that are not as strong willed or disciplined, they just wouldn’t do it. They would never be exposed to buying it because it would just be “oh, I can’t do that,” right? Because it’s such a low barrier to entry. Because you don’t need a college degree, you don’t need a certificate, you don’t need a ton of money, a couple 100 bucks, usually. Since it is a low barrier to entry there’s no requirement of training, so you have a lot of untrained people, pitching and hyping to people that resonate with it and want to do something that’s going to be nice and easy. I would rather say it’s hard.

How do you deal with the online trolls? These people will go out of their way. I mean, there’s a group right now sending letters, they’re flagging videos, they’re lying, they’re creating, you know, lying videos about others. It’s really nasty and you may be wondering how to handle them. Don’t try to convince them, I would not engage with them. Because of the way these groups of people tend to operate, if you’re in network marketing, and you start getting a bunch of anti MLM hate, I used to say, “hey, bring on the hate, let them comment, let them do the stuff.” But they play so low below the belt….they’ll flag your videos for nudity, they’ll do all kinds of crazy stuff, I would just block them. I would just block them. That’s some suggestions on how to handle some of the hatred that you may be getting.

I would love to hear from you.

Know this, if you’re not playing big, you do not get any hatred. So the bigger you play, the more you show up, the more videos you do, the more people you talk to, you’re going to run into this kind of thing. So if you’re running into this kind of thing, congratulations, you’re on the path. If you’re not running into this kind of thing, then you’re probably keeping it a little bit too secret. I would love to hear from you. Do you agree with my statements? Or do you think I’m totally wrong? Am I off base here? Love to hear from you. Drop me a comment in the comment section. I read and respond to every comment.

What do I focus on?

Lastly, what should you focus on instead? It’s really simple. Focus on what you want. Something that I do, any time I get sucked into negative land, right? Why are there haters of anything, right? Why are there trolls? Why are there you know, bullies, right? Because they’re literally online bullies, right? Why are they bullies? At the end of the day, it’s because they feel a certain way about themselves, which isn’t good. They want others to feel as bad as they do about themselves. That’s what it boils down to. It really does. So know that hurting people hurt. People that have been through bad stuff and they haven’t worked through it. It’s much easier for them to try and make other people feel bad too. Right? A big part of me has sympathy and I wish for peace, I wish for peace amongst these people that spend their days just online attacking, right. I wish them peace. I wish them luck. I hope they find something they’re passionate about, like a charity or a cause or whatever. Something their passionate about because that’s what the human race is here for… is to pursue our passions and our passions will find us making an impact, feeling more significant, making a difference, loving our life.

What to focus on instead is to focus on what you actually want. One thing I do when I find myself going into negative land is, I express. I express, what am I being negative about? What is affecting me? What am I thinking? Or how am I feeling that I don’t want to think or feel anymore? I express it, I don’t suppress it. Right? That’s what causes disease is you suppressing all this stuff and bottling it all up and serenity now. Instead, I express it, here are the things I don’t like that I’m thinking and feeling. Then I say, okay, what is it? I do want to think and feel? What is it? What kind of mental rehearsal can I do about crafting my perfect life, about crafting what I actually want, or seeing my life in a stage that it’s not yet there, but see it as if it already is. The number one skill that you can develop is to see things as you want them to be before they are.

You see most people say things like, “well, if I hit that rank, then I’ll feel better if I do- if something outside of me happens, then I’ll feel inside better. That’s not how it works. Dr. Joe Dispenza says your personality is creating your personal reality. The way that you think, act and feel is literally having you have an experience with your reality about what is going on around you. If we want to change what’s out there, we have to change what’s in here (our mind). Shifting your focus away from those thoughts of stress and negativity and why are they attacking me and how come they’re haters and all this stuff to what is it I actually want. I want to make a difference. I want to help put you know clothes on the homeless, I want to help feed the hungry, I want to help bring clean drinking water. I want to help kids in foster care. Thinking about what is the life you actually want to have and spending more time with memories of your future than noticing what’s going on in your presence.

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