Do you want a vision that pulls you out of bed in the morning?

Here I share exactly how to create a vision to keep you consistent no matter what life throws at you.

How to Create a Vision in Your Network Marketing Business

What if you don’t know what your goal is?

I’m not saying that you have to know your life goal, like that you want to start a foundation that helps single moms or whatever else.

But, if you really don’t know ANY goal, than any path will get you there.

It’s kind of like the Alice in Wonderland thing. If you don’t know where you want to go, then any path will take you there.

I would suggest that you create one.

Create A Goal

Create a goal, and maybe that goal is to

  • Pay off your car
  • Reach a certain rank
  • Help a certain number of people
  • Stroke a certain size of check to a charity
  • Finally take that vacation you’ve been wanting and finally go to Disney World

And so I would create one.

How To Stay Consistent

People ask me over the years, because we are consistent.

For the last nine years, I’ve done one to two videos a day. Every day, without fail.

Last nine years I’ve done one to two videos a day, every day. And people ask me, “Dude, how do you stay so consistent, man? How do you avoid shiny ball syndrome? How do you not get caught up in other things and go chasing other rabbits, or cars, or whatever?”

My answer to them is my vision is stronger than my ability to be distracted.

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The vision of who I want to become and how I want to show up to the world is stronger than my ability to be distracted.

Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t had people try to distract me or opportunities try to distract me.

Since we retired from actively building a network marketing business, I’ve had at least 8 – 10 companies offer me big old checks and all kinds of stuffs, and spots above their number one earners to get an override if I would just be a rep for them.

I certainly have had opportunities, but the vision of who I want to become and how I want to impact not just this profession but this world, is stronger than my ability to be taken off track.

My vision is a ruthless dictator that grabs me out of the gray matter in my spine, stands me upright, and makes me do stuff.

When you, and there’s a great quote, I got the opportunity, the pleasure, of sharing the stage with him a couple of times and it’s the Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith out of Los Angeles. He runs a church, Agape. You may have seen him in the movie The Secret. He’s the guy with the dreads.

He says, he’s got a great quote, one of my favorite quotes of all time, and he says, “Pain pushes you until a vision pulls you.” That was definitely my experience. Okay? That’s definitely my experience.

[mashtweet tweet=”‘Pain pushes you until a vision pulls you.’ – @drmichaelbb” quote=”‘Pain pushes you until a vision pulls you.’ – Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith”]

When I was in foreclosure, when I went through a divorce, when I was engaged and got disengaged, when I lost all my money, and when bill collectors were chasing me, pain was pushing me. It was just pushing me in a corner. Pain and circumstance was bullying me around, just kind of punching me in the face, just kicking me in the shins. When I caught a vision of who I wanted to become, all of that stuff was still happening, but it pulled me. It pulled me past those things. It pulled me so that those things no longer mattered. I no longer cared. My vision is a ruthless dictator.

I don’t have to write a sticky note to myself saying, “Make sure you show up today. Hey, do a video. Hey, you should probably help somebody today.” I don’t need a sticky note for that stuff. I have to. My vision’s a ruthless dictator.

Developing Vision

You start to develop your vision by focusing on what you want and who do you want to be.

Now, “A Why,” in my experience, is not strong enough. There’s a lot of people that they talk about you’ve got to have a why. You’ve got to have a why that makes you cry. The only problem with that theory is that I’ve met a lot of people that had great whys and they’ve had it for 5 years, 10 years.

Is it really that strong if you’ve had a why for five years, 10 years, but you still haven’t hit it? I don’t know.

A why is usually something external of you and very commercially appealing. If I say, “Yeah, you know what, I want to help some kids in Africa get clean drinking water,” great. That’s awesome. The problem with it is that if that’s a why, then you kind of get a payoff telling people about it. You get a little pat on the back of how admirable that is.

Well, when you focus on who you want to become, that’s when it’s getting into vision.

Who do you want to become?

How do you want to…

  • Show up to the world?
  • Impact people?
  • Make a difference?
  • Increase your value and the value that you’re putting out into the marketplace?

I would focus much more on who you want to become more than what do you want to even accomplish.

I’ve had people say, “Yeah, you know what, I just want to work hard so I can retire and my spouse.”

I’ll say, “Well, cool, that’s awesome. What will you guys do for brunch on Tuesdays?” And they’re like, “What do you mean?” And I’m like … “You haven’t seen it.”

Vision. You’ve seen it. You’ve seen what it looks like.

You’re not just talking some garbage that sounds really good. Yeah, I want to retire and my spouse, but you haven’t planned anything?

How will the retirement party go? Where will you take them for the celebration dinner? See it. Stop talking and just being full of shit. See it. See where you’ll go for breakfast. Where are you all going to go for massages? See where the retirement party.Who’s going to be there? Who’s going to celebrate? What’s going to be hanging on the walls like banners? What kind of present are you going to get them?

See it. Stop talking and see it. See that vision and go after it ruthlessly. That’s what a good vision is.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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