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Want to start a closed Facebook group for your team to help create momentum?

In this training I share the dos and don’ts for building a high performance team online.

How To Create A High Performance Network Marketing Team Facebook Group

So first of all, I absolutely agree with a team page.

Now, if your team is mainly in Asia, you’re probably gonna be using WhatsApp. But if you’re pretty much anywhere else, I think a Facebook group makes a lot of sense.

There are people that use Facebook groups very different. But I’m just gonna tell you what I suggest, specifically around a team Facebook group.

Understanding Your Team Culture

When people hire me to audit their team groups is that it’s all about making money, it’s all about building the business. So it’s like, “Here’s how to prospect your warm market. Here’s how to make money from blah, blah, blah.”

Teams that just do training, don’t understand how to run culture in network marketing.

80% of any given team has a desire level of $0 to $500 a month. There are people that will stay in a network marketing company for 25 years and never make a dime, but they’re happy because that’s their level of desire.

Now, leaders don’t understand that. They’re like,  “What? Don’t they want to be million-dollar-a-year earners?”

No, they don’t.

There are people that don’t have that as income goals. That’s not their deal.

Maybe they got a job that they love, maybe they got a pension, a hedge fund, or whatever else. And there are people that, so long as you don’t tell them that they shouldn’t be happy, they’ll stay forever if you make them feel good. If you make ’em feel good.

Think Like A Gym Owner

So gym owners are infinitely smarter than most network marketing leaders. Why?

If I go into the gym and I do five minutes on the rowing machine, and then I go get my 2,200 peanut butter-banana-chocolate smoothie, does the gym owner judge me?

Does the gym owner say, “Hey, buddy, you still don’t have six-pack abs. What’s wrong with you?”

No, they say, “Hey, thanks for your auto-ship, I mean membership. Hey, come by any time. Come by any time. Enjoy that shake, buddy.”

If network marketing leaders ran a gym, you would walk in there and they’d be like:

“Hey, you gonna flip some tires today? You gonna rip some phone books? You gonna tear this mother up? ‘Cause we need you, diesel.”

“Uh, no, I’m just … I was just gonna do a little bit of cardio.”

“That’s unacceptable. How do we get you bigger, dog?”

Most network marketing leaders thinks everyone has to be psychotically fired up to kill it in the comp plan, and that’s just not the case.

What To Do In Your Team Facebook Group

So what do you do in your team group? Don’t psychotically, constantly talk about making the money.

And so what you need to do is create more love in your team. You need to create more love in your team. Talk about acknowledging Joey for getting his first customer. “Way to go, Joey.” Acknowledge slow success.

“Hey, my girl Tina, she’s been in the business for two years, got her first customer. Way to go, Tina.” Acknowledge missions.

Have more love, have more mission, have more things that … Celebrate anniversaries, celebrate birthdays, welcome people, love on ’em. Don’t have a psychotically about making money, big money.

Keep Em’ Around Your Campfire

So the point is, think of your team like a campfire.

Think of your Facebook group like a campfire.

Your job as a leader, keep that campfire going, baby.

Where you’re recognizing people, acknowledging people, lovin’ on people, you got a mission, you’re sharin’ cool stuff, you’re inspiring them with your actions and your habits and what you do, right? And you make that smile.

You make that fire awesome so that people that stick around it may catch a spark. Ooh! Ooh! They may catch a spark and say, “You know what? I wanna build this thing.” But if they don’t, you still love them. You still high five ’em at events.

Building Your Team

You can’t just focus on getting leaders..” You know why? Because your leaders will leave. Your leaders will leave if 80% of their team are turned off. Good culture makes people feel good, regardless of level of desire or level of results.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Your leaders will leave if 80% of their team are turned off. Good culture makes people feel good, regardless of level of desire or level of results. ” quote=”Your leaders will leave if 80% of their team are turned off. Good culture makes people feel good, regardless of level of desire or level of results. “]

But who pays for all the volume? Where does the residual come from?

And so the reason that a leader can get frustrated is they look at their team and say, “They’re not doing anything. My team is not doing anything.”

And I’m like, “Are they buying product?”

“Yeah, and that’s it.”

I’m like, “Oh, oh, okay, I got a game plan for ya. You should send them a thank you.”

“But they’re not doing anything.”

“Are they buying product? Are they compensating you every single month of their life? Send ’em a thank you card. Thank them.”

Team Love

So, in your Facebook group, love, acknowledgement, mission, inspire them.

Have trainings in there. Don’t just have a bunch of how-tos and think that your content abundance is gonna alter the game. Have recognition.

One thing that we did in our team (and we do it inside of Rank Makers) is give recognition between ranks. You prospect 10 people, you get a little badge.  You bring in five customers, we give you a little badge. We give you recognition. We love on you. And if we hear a tough story, we interview ya. Your Facebook group needs to have more love.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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