How to Convert Your Content to Cash!

I have an interesting topic for you. How to convert your content into cash. If you follow me you know that six days a week I do a Walk-in-Faith video where I break down scripture. You know what, let’s just take a quick look at some of the things that I have shared in the past. Proverbs 22:4 “by humility and the fear of the Lord: are riches and honor and life.” If you research on the Hebrew translation of riches it actually means….hold on let me look it up….uh riches that’s what it means. There’s no other definition for it. Psalm 112: 1-3 “praise the Lord, blessed is the man who fears the Lord who Delights greatly in his Commandments his descendants will be Mighty on Earth the generation of the upright will be blessed wealth and riches will be in his house and his righteousness endures forever..” Deuteronomy 8:18 says he gives us the power to get wealth and then Ecclesiastes 9:16 says, “the poor man’s Wisdom is despised, his words are not heard.” 

It is okay for us to get and have money, we just don’t want money to have us.

Such is the case of the Rich Young Ruler who refused to give up his riches because that’s what he thought was his source. That was what he was relying on. We don’t want to be owned by our money. We don’t want our self worth to be our net worth, but we are fine to be rich and to do good deeds and to use worldly wealth to gain friends for ourselves. So how do you do that?

How Do You Gain influence?

First of all there’s many mistakes that I’ve seen over the years.

Some are just doing thousands of videos, generating tens of millions of dollars online…..then I see people make one video.  They are good students, but often good students don’t make money. One of the reasons is they’re just not providing enough value online. Let me be very specific.

What is value? Value is someone walking away with a benefit whether they buy or not.

For example we had a humongous discount on a whole bunch of our courses for Black Friday, but whether you got any of them or not….whether you got the whole enchilada deal which is like 90% off or something crazy… you’re going to get value. If you pay attention, that’s just what I do when I go live or create a post. You are going to get some value, some sort of takeaway information that you can go and apply. If you do not apply it then I guess there’s a limitation on the value it’ll provide, but it is just like a personal trainer that cannot do the sit-ups for you. They can tell you the most effective way to do the sit-ups, but it is still up to you to do it.

How to convert your content into Cash.

First of all if you want to convert your content into cash you have to have content. If you’re not consistently posting content, throwing bait in the water then you’re not going to catch any fish… you’re not going to attract anyone to you. I agree with Gary Vander, he says quantity trumps quality. I can tell you that some of the videos I spent the most amount of time on or some of the things I’ve written that I thought were really going to kill it….didn’t. Some of the things I thought would be total flops….worked well. CPA says, “if you use the wrong bait you’ll catch the wrong fish too.” That is true, but I think there’s more people that are guilty of not throwing out enough bait. That would be my vote after 14 years coaching marketers, but I see a lot of people especially in the space I’m mainly known for (which is network marketing) a lot of people post how easy it is to make six figures and you barely have to lift a finger and then they wonder why they get lazy people. It’s like well….it’s because they’re attracted to your message. However I find that’s less than the people that just don’t create enough content, but it is true so I just want to edify it.

One very simple method I’ve been teaching for a long time is I-L-T Invest Learn Teach. You invest your time or possibly money to learn something and then you teach it. I won’t go through all my books, but one that I haven’t started yet (I read his other book) but a friend of mine Alex Heros, I’m sure many of you know of him. I hung out with him at a mastermind in 2017, brilliant dude…I read his book $100 million offers but I can’t understand anybody that would read this book or really read any good book and not create content from it. It doesn’t make sense. If you take a look at the last two or three books that you’ve read…how many videos did you create from them? If the answer is none…you’re probably not creating enough content and getting it out there. Now maybe you’re reading a book to grow your business or you’re reading our leadership book but you’re reading it for your own gain but that’s not who your target market is…right? That’s always possible. Maybe you are growing a weight loss business, but you’re learning how to scale your internet marketing. Fair enough, but you can still use pieces of different books. Like mindset. Mindset is something that is applicable in internet marketing, it’s applicable in weight loss…you name it. You can pull pieces from anything on mindset.

Another way to get more content, is to immerse yourself more into your target market. Know them inside and out. If I am someone that wants to crush it in weight loss, I’m going to pay attention to recent articles around new weight loss fads or diets and I’m going to talk about those things. Why? because my target market is looking at those things. I remember reading a book by Mark Cuban I think it’s pretty old, but it’s called How to Win at the Sport of Business. In the book he talks about something that I found hilarious (because it’s something I did too) when he was building the company that he sold (Yahoo… I think he sold it for 300 million or something) he would read all the trade magazines. He would go to the trade shows and he realized that no one else was even reading the trade magazines and so he sounded like a genius everywhere he went, but all he was doing was reading the trade magazines. I’ve done that in a couple different areas, I did it in real estate, I did it way back when I was in database Administration. Most people just don’t study recent news around the thing that they’re supposed to be known for…. I wouldn’t want to be in a weight loss thing without at least knowing about the latest diets, the latest fads, the latest things going on and creating content on why I agree with them or why I do not agree with them.

Another place to get content is from going to a conference.

This is from the John Maxwell event that I attended. By the way…for those that may not know, John and I run a mentorship program together. He comes into our group every other month and I cover all the rest of it. It’s amazing! He comes in and does an exclusive session for our members. Last time he came in he said something pretty funny he said “I got good news and bad news” I’m like okay… and he said, “the good news is that you guys are hearing this topic for the very first time, no one else in the world has ever heard me speak on this topic.” and we’re like ooh man! Then he goes, “here’s the bad news, you’re the first to hear me speak on this topic. I’ll probably refine and change it a little bit” But I thought it was really cool. I don’t know exactly….I have probably created from the notes that I have from attending his 3-day event, 30 short videos and I think I did three or four live videos. So I pumped that content out there like crazy. I also had (which you always want to have) a call to action somewhere in that content.

You can’t forget a Call to Action? 

We actually have a Content to Cash Playbook and in it I have my 10 best ideas for content. This is one of those ideas. You take this content whether it’s reading from a book, attending a live, attending a conference or whatever and you’re putting this content out there with some kind of call to action. Most of the time the call to action is not to buy this thing. Right? If you’re providing value and you’re running a deep discount kind of thing then sometimes that makes sense, but a lot of times it’s going to be to generate a lead. Have them reach out to you. Here’s an example. Let’s say I identify that there’s 47 notes I took from the John Maxwell conference and I go live with a title, “my seven notes from the John Maxwell conference.” Anyone that’s a John Maxwell fan tunes in to that live and then I tell them in the live, “hey reach out to me and I’ll send you all 47 of my notes.” When they reach out for the 47 other notes I say, “hey by the way if you really love John we have a Higdon Maxwell Mentorship Program where John comes into our group exclusively (we have about 50 people in that program) and does a Q&A and an exclusive session with us. It’s actually really amazing.” Now I am converting that content that I got from somebody else to cash, right? If they say, “no I’m not into mentoring…I don’t need that…” or whatever then maybe I say, “hey if you’re into John Maxwell and you’re network marketing you might like my leadership book.” Now I’m switching gears going to a different thing but It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Let’s Make it Easy for You.

We make it easy in our Content to Cash Playbook, if you would like to check that out go to I hope this was helpful and even if you don’t check out the playbook I have given you one simple strategy on converting content to cash.

Ray Higdon

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