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How to Connect With People For Your Homebased Business

You cannot build a long term homebased business without learning how to connect with people. So many times I get asked how to overcome certain objections that a new rep is getting and the reality is, if they learned how to connect with people better, they would not get nearly as many objections. This article may be the turning point for you and whatever business you are in as I teach you how to be a master connector.

The Classic Way – How to connect with people using FORM

You have probably heard of this way but it is an almost never fail way that works. Instead of focusing on how to handle objections or how to handle rebuttals, how about focusing on how to connect with people? Here is the FORM method:

F: F stands for Family. Ask them about their family, kids, parents, etc. Find ways to relate and connect. Do their parents live in an area you ever lived in? Are your kids the same age as theirs?

O: O stands for occupation. What do they do for a living? How did they get into it? What do they like about it? If they had to do it over, what would they do differently?

R: R stands for recreation. What do they do for fun? Do you like any of those activities? Volunteer to hang out and do that recreational activity.

M: M stands for Money but could stand for motivation as well. This should definitely NOT be brought up until you have connected with them in a good way. Do they invest? What are their thoughts on the economy? Try to avoid getting too political unless you recognize that you are of the same political mindset then have at it!

If you are committed to learn how to connect with people, use FORM to get the ball rolling with almost anyone!

How to Connect With People By Barely Saying a Word

Want to know how to connect without barely saying a word? Learn to listen and ask questions. Get deep into their story with no motive or agenda. At each turn of their story, ask them more questions. I have tried this on airplanes and it works amazingly.

One of the books that I highly recommend that taught me how to connect with people is a book by Bob Burg called Endless Referrals. Bob does a great job of teaching you how to ask probing questions. People love to hear themselves talk and if you let them, they will come away thinking they had the best conversation of all time!

Be the only person in that prospects day that actually cared to hear what they had to say and what they were thinking. You would be amazed at when you start becoming interested rather than interesting, how people will respond to you. You see, hardly anyone listens to anyone else. That is why if you want to learn how to connect with people, you have to be different and they will almost instantly like you and you will greatly reduce the number of rude objections you may have been getting.

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