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How to Change Your Life in a BIG Way


There’s a pattern that you must recognize. It’s true. This video will tell you how to change your life in a big way by recognizing the pattern.

Do What Most Won’t to Have What Most Don’t

Here is the pattern: You are contemplating making a major change in your life, you know you don’t want to stay where you are but the change is VERY uncomfortable. It is at THOSE exact moments that your life is shaped.

Successful people hunt for fear. That’s right, it’s true. Listen to straight talk interviews with the best actors and actresses and they will share that they took a role because it made them uncomfortable and they were unsure how they could pull it off. Does that sound like most people? Of course not, but do YOU want to be like most people?

This is How to Change Your Life

Recognize the pattern. Know that before EVERY major transformation, you WILL feel uncomfortable, stressed out, you might even break down. Before every breakthrough my wife and I have ever had, we had a breakdown before.

HigdonVIP--265aHate to see my wife cry…

I recall after a particularly grueling day of making calls my wife broke down and was crying in the bathroom. She second guessed what we were doing and wondered if it would EVER get better. Within 60 days, she had her first $10,000 month and became the top female earner in our company.

Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

What if fear didn’t dissuade you? What if your recognition of fear was an indicator to charge forward? One of the core concepts we will be teaching at the Top Earner Academy LIVE event in Orlando this June will be just this concept.

Information will help you make improvements in your life, you don’t want improvements. You want transformation. From one way of being to a totally new way of being. Hunt for transformation more than simple information. (you can quote me on Facebook with that). Learn to adopt the thinking of a top earner, grab hold of that stress, and worry and smack it right in the face, tell it who’s boss and YOU will become the boss of your life.

Video on Insights to Change Your Life


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