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Building Momentum in Network Marketing

This is a quick blog post to help those trying to get into a rhythm and build momentum in their network marketing company. There are a few things that I think most people do not realize that contribute greatly to this and we will cover them in this blog!

What is Momentum in MLM?

There is company momentum and there is personal momentum, today I am talking about personal momentum. Personal momentum is when you have done a set of actions for a set period of time that start to overlap results and provide an almost residual nature, eg, actions I took last month are affecting me this month. You want to stay in action and disciplined for extended periods of time so that you can experience momentum or it may seem to you like you are just starting fresh each week and starting from zero.

How to Create Momentum

You can create personal momentum by doing actions for at least 14 days but more preferably 21 days or more. That can create your first wave. There are additional waves of momentum you can create by sticking to your routine and discipline. I have seen these waves at 90 days, 6 months, 1 year and even 2 years. The real truth is stay in action for as long as possible but never less than 14 days.

Power of Time

Here is what I have noticed in regards to MLM sponsoring: When it comes to doing offline prospecting like meetups, etc, I get my best results in about 14 days. When it comes to online prospecting my best results come in about 30 days. Why the difference? Well, I think it is due to being more noise online along with more distractions and more people pitching other things but I have noticed this many, many times.

So, if you are blogging, writing articles, prospecting (hopefully), keep it up for at least a month and then, if you really want success, keep going and don’t look back or scrutinize your results. Be reasonable with your routine so that you CAN actually stick with it or you are just wasting your time.

Number One Killer of Momentum

In my opinion, the number one killer of momentum is scrutinizing your results every few steps or days and being too hard on yourself for lack of results. I talk to people that have been consistent for a half hour to 2 days and are upset that they don’t have 50 signups. This may come from comparing ourselves to others but the fact is, even the amazing sponsor machines didn’t start off fast, but they did get consistent. Stop looking at your results every few days and just commit..commit to sticking with a routine that includes active prospecting for 30 straight days and then adjust the routine. If you do this every month for at least six months, you will most likely outperform your previous year in network marketing. Build that momentum by being consistent and you will THANK YOURSELF for doing so!

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