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How to Build MLM When
New to Network Marketing


There are a LOT of stumbling blocks when you are new to network marketing, this post will help you understand how to build MLM even if new.

Basic Network Marketing Tips

When it comes to something that provides a residual income, it is rare to build something that lasts quickly. Network marketing is NOT a get rich quick deal, its a get filthy rich in 3-5 years deal, understanding this will greatly help you understand how to build MLM the right way and with proper expectations.

MLM Tips When New to Network Marketing

Most people that I talk to that are new to network marketing have outrageous expectations. They tell me they want to make $10,000 a month but are only willing to put in 1-2 hours a week to accomplish it. I then ask them if they are making that in their job, they reply no, then I ask them how many hours a week they work there. They usually reply 40-50…if you want to get better at MLM recruiting, this is a great series of questions to ask your prospects and teammates to help them realize on their own they may have unrealistic expectations. If you have false expectations, you WILL struggle to learn how to build MLM.

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Video on How to Build MLM

– Inside this video I share the standard closing percentages you can expect when new to network marketing and on average for anyone in the industry.

– I also give suggestions on how to learn quickly for those new to network marketing

– also disclose a special bonus to my team (pretty cool stuff)

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