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How to Build a Team in Network Marketing

IMG_9583Do you want to know how to build a team in network marketing? This blog will help you learn this highly profitable skill.

Why Duplication is important in Network Marketing

What people want is time and money. Network Marketing, if done properly, can help you score both. The way that it does this is through residual income. For you to get that juicy, wonderful residual income you need to learn how to build a team.

Duplication is what sets network marketing apart from standard sales jobs. In Sales you can certainly make a lot of money but you don’t normally ever set yourself free because most sales jobs do not provide you with income that comes in over and over regardless of your work output. Now, most people that don’t understand team building will tell you that once you stop helping your team that your income will go down and that is true IF you do not have a system or IF you have been the doer of all things. The video below will help give you some quick tips on this concept to help you. By the way, I am here in Denver with a buddy of mine that stopped building his network marketing business 23 years ago and he still receives $10,000+ a month from that business center…I guess it works sometimes =)

Multi-Level MLM Recruiting

Inside the below video I share some concepts I learned yesterday at this big convention I am at in Denver. By the way, you are going to see quite a transition in me in the next few months as I am surrounding myself with big, big MLM top earners and you will see my teachings go to a whole nother level!

What typically happens in network marketing, and believe me, in the past I have been guilty of this too, is someone gets recruited and then sent the team training page and a good luck. With MOST people you are going to have to help them a little more than that. Watch the video to see the two powerful concepts I am talking about!

Video: How to Build a Team in Network Marketing

Did that video benefit you? I sure hope so! Remember to comment below on topics you would love for me to cover in my 7 day series I will be doing on MLM recruiting and feel free to share this blog post on how to build a team! Appreciate you!

To Your Abundance!

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