build a network marketing teamIf you want a team that you actually like being around, this will help.

Here is a short video snip it from one of our events where I share some key tips on building a rockin’ team.


How To Build A Network Marketing Team You Love

We’ve worked with many top leaders and helped them with coaching. Some people get to the TOP and they feel pressure. They feel stressed. They feel like if they bring one more person on the team they might just burst.

It’s true. Most people don’t think about it when climbing towards the top.

But, if not properly managed, you can get to a point where you associate growth with stress. Sabotaging your own business. And, you don’t want to do that.

Other top leaders that we have worked with have 100,000s of people on their team and they feel golden. No stress. The machine is working and everyone is happy.

You can have a team that is growing every single day, that you like being around, that isn’t stressing you out. It is possible.

So, here are my suggestions for you:

  1. STOP trying to learn how to motivate your team. Instead focus on inspiring them.
  2. Recognize people for where they are okay being.

Big one here, recognizing people for where they are okay being.

See where they COULD BE, but also recognize where people want to be. You don’t have to force every customer to be a high producing rep. And, if you try to, people will just leave. You will lose a lot of people.

The people who have 10’s, 100’s of thousands of people on their team can all attribute their success to about 6 people. 6 key people who got them there.

You will lose people if you hammer them with what you want them to be doing.

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LONGTERM, they will stay if they feel good.

Don’t Sabotage Your Own Success

This is important for anyone in network marketing no matter what stage you are at. Newbies to people who have been around for decades. This will help your team flourish.

What do I mean by sabotaging? In the video below I explain exactly how to not sabotage your success.

Probable vs possible. Big difference.

What are your thoughts? Did that help you out? Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your team.

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