I’m going to share how to become filthy, stinking rich through network marketing in 2022.

First, I’m going to share with you the exact steps I took to become a millionaire in network marketing, and which steps will work right now. Next, I’m going to share the three components of recruiting success and prospecting success in network marketing. Lastly, I’m going to share how to speed up all of your results without costing you a dime.

The steps I took to become a millionaire in network marketing.

A lot of people ask me, “what did you do to become a millionaire in network marketing?” and that’s a good question. I will share that and break it down but I think the better question is, “what would I do if I was starting over right now?” I’m going to share what I did, but I’m also going to share with you the tweaks of what I would be doing here in 2022 because there’s been some changes, right?

After I lost everything in the real estate market crash, I decided to join a network marketing company. I was going to make it work. I didn’t know exactly how, but I was going to figure it out.

There were three things that I did every single day.

Number one, I had read a book called Go For No. Go For No, it sounds like a terrible title, right? You want yeses, not no’s. But Go For No is actually really powerful for anyone in a performance based career or sales. It teaches you how to get over your resistance to rejection and your reaction to rejection because both of those things can greatly limit how well you do. I read this book, and I’m like, you know, this makes sense to me. So I set a “no” goal. How many no’s or if I got X number of no’s a day, what would make success inevitable? I came up with the number 20. When I first got serious about network marketing, I was going for 20 no’s a day. Here on this blog and our YouTube channel, we break down, where I found people and what constitutes a no etc. So I won’t go too deep into that, because we have a lot to cover in this post. But I went for 20 no’s a day.

Number two. I hated prospecting, I didn’t like it. I did it because I needed to make money. But I didn’t like it. So I wanted to create a way for people to reach out to me. I figured you know what, if I start doing at least one video a day, eventually these things are going to work out and people will start coming to me. I started doing a video a day. I’m kind of known for my consistency. I coach a lot of high achievers on consistency. I actually did a video a day every day for over 12 years. I started July 15th. 2009, and ended in July 2021, believe it or not. Those videos, although they didn’t work very well, in the beginning, they eventually led to generating hundreds of thousands of leads. At one point while I was building my network marketing business, I was generating over 3,000 leads a month without ads, without spending anything. Now I’ll tell you, it’s actually easier than ever before.

Number three. Now, the third thing that I did was I did self development every day. I’m reading in the beginning when I don’t have extra money or any money, I’m reading library books, I’m rereading Think and Grow Rich, I’m watching YouTube videos. Once I started making money, I started investing in myself and started hiring coaches, purchasing courses, attending events, etc. That’s what really took my life to another level. 2013 was my first million dollar year, but the very next year, I doubled it. It took me quite a while to hit that first million dollar year, but once I did it, it was actually very easy to double it and then double it again and ever since.

What would I do differently?

Would 20 no’s a day still work? Well. Absolutely. There’s no question to that. Where you get no’s may change but 20 no’s a day, I am only aware of four people that have ever followed the 20 no’s a day rule for any length of time and all four became million dollar earners in network marketing. I have been teaching this for over a decade. Why don’t more people do that? Because it’s hard work. It is hard work. Number two, I did a video a day. Is that what I would do now in 2022? Actually, no, it’s not. What I would do (at least currently…right now) is I would personally do three reels a day. I would do three TikTok’s or reels a day. Instagram reels, Facebook reels, TikTok. I would create three videos a day, short videos, and that’s the big difference. See, I was doing one longer video that was, 5, 8 or 10 minutes, I would instead do three 20, 10 or 30 second videos. I would do those every single day. Now you’ll get so much more traction out of that than I got from my one video a day. That’s what I would do differently. Then of course with self development, that would be the same.

Just to recap, the 20 no’s a day still absolutely would build you a humongous business today. Instead of one longer video a day, I would do three short videos a day, 10, 20 30 seconds. And then I would also do self development every single day.

Let’s hear from you.

I would love to hear from you. What’s something in your daily routine that you think I’m missing? Like, what’s something that you do every day that you think is really important that I should consider or I should be included in this daily routine? You know, one thing I didn’t mention, meditation. That’s something I would do differently. I didn’t do meditation until just a couple of years ago. Now, I would absolutely suggest that. But what’s one thing that you do everyday that you would highly suggest be part of someone’s daily routine?

What are the three components of success with prospecting and recruiting?

Well, there’s four P’s of network marketing success and we talk a lot about them here on this blog and our YouTube channel (make sure you subscribe). Number one, pipeline, number two, posture number three, position. ..and number four is perspective. I’m going to talk about the first three right now.

Number one is pipeline. Pipeline is how many people you are reaching out to, how many people you are following up with? How many appointments are you setting? With some companies, maybe it’s how many samples are you sending out? How many people are you getting on presentations? At the end of the day, how many people are you asking if they are open to your product, service or opportunity? Network marketing is not magical or mystical. It’s just like any performance based career, you know, if someone gets their real estate license, and they never tell anyone about it, they don’t make any money. That’s pretty clear. But sometimes when people join network marketing, they also don’t tell anyone about it, and they don’t make money and it’s a mystery. It shouldn’t be a mystery. It’s how many people you’re reaching out to, following up with, setting appointments with etc, getting on videos, sending samples to, seeing who’s open, that’s your pipeline. That’s true whether in mortgages, real estate…no matter what kind of sales that you’re in, that’s the deal. You need to embrace the idea of always having a pipeline if you’re serious about being the best at network marketing.

Number two is posture, are you easily influenced by the opinions of others? If someone trolls you on Facebook or Tik Tok, or someone hates you, and you let that knock you out of the game, then you are not very postured. Here’s the deal. What I mean specifically is this, “posture is the belief in what you have, regardless of external acceptance or approval.” It’s you knowing that your network marketing opportunity has the possibility to change your life. It absolutely does. If you don’t have that posture, then you need to study the success stories of your company and you need to own it. Here’s the reality, everyone is postured around certain things, but a lot of people are not postured around network marketing. If someone comes to you and says, “Hey man, I was on WikiLeaks last night, and turns out electricity is a scam. It’s not real.” Not for a second, would you be like, “Oh, my God, really? All this time? All this time I thought it was real. I thought there was an actual thing.” No, you would say, “okay, buddy,” because you’re postured around electricity. I want you to be postured like that around network marketing. I had lots of people telling me that it wouldn’t work or no one made money with it or only people at the top or whatever they said. I just knew that that wasn’t true so I stayed focused. I didn’t require their acceptance or approval, you need to be the same.

Number three or the third P is position. What position is your prospect in? Have they expressed that they’re open to learning more? Then share more. Or are you trying to pitch and close them and you don’t even know if they’re open? See, that leads to frustration on your part and their part. When you’re trying to shove something down someone’s throat, that’s not the way to be. I want you to really think about this like a business because it is a business. If you bought a lumberyard, (bear with me) would you go to all your friends and say, “hey, get down here and buy some two by fours. I helped you move in college.” No, that would be very odd. That’d be very strange. Now, might you call your friends and say, “hey, I bought this Lumberyard. I don’t know if you need any plywood or two by fours. But I would love to serve you, I would love to help you out if you do.” That would be normal. You are trying to force them and calling them toxic if they don’t buy from you. That’s just crazy if you have a lumberyard. Well, it’s also crazy if you have a network marketing company. A lot of times people say, “Man, my friends are toxic. They don’t support me.” I’m like, “well, do they want the benefits of your product or service?” They’re like, “I don’t know.” Well, maybe you’re toxic. Okay? Don’t be toxic. Find out their position. Are you open to learning more? Are you open to the benefits that my product or service offers? And if you are, let me share more with you. It’s that simple.

How to speed up all of your results without costing you a dime.

Number four or the final P is how to get more results which is perspective. Believe me, this method does not cost you a dime. It’s awesome. It’s free to do. I want you to really alter your perspective. It’s pipeline, posture, position, perspective.

Perspective is, where do you spend the majority of your time in your mind? Do you spend it like most people, noticing your challenges and the things you don’t like in your life, noticing all the things that are going wrong, or all the things that upset you? Well, that’s how most people have been programmed through the media, through politicians, even through Hollywood. We notice all the things that outrage us and make us mad. Instead, I want you to spend more time focused on seeing yourself having the things you actually want in your life.

 What does that look like with network marketing?

Well…..Network marketing can create true freedom, you can create passive income where you’re making more money than you spend.

I remember when it really hit me. It’s interesting that it took me so long, but I was the number one income earner in a network marketing company and this was after losing it all in real estate. I was still a little money shy. I was a little gun shy to spend money. My wife and I got married in 2011. I wanted to spoil her because we started dating when I was broke and she was paying my utility bills. She really believed in me and believed in me more than I did, that’s a fact. I wanted to spoil her because she had been with me through thick and thin. I decided that I was going to splurge on our honeymoon. Our honeymoon we went to Fiji and we spent 12 days there, it was incredible. We went to Namale Lai, which is the resort owned by Tony Robbins. We went to Likud leagoo lagoon which is like a mile from where they shot Castaway, a really, really cool overwater bungalow with a plexiglass floor. I mean, it was absolutely amazing and it was a lot of money. I mean, I’ve absolutely bought quite a few cars for less than what that cost. I was nervous leading up to the honeymoon, I was working my face off to try to make more money so that I wouldn’t be stressed during our honeymoon. We came back and I went to the post office and I got my checks from my network marketing company. Those checks were more than we spent on the honeymoon and I was thinking….this is incredible. This is crazy. Like who the heck wouldn’t want to travel the world and make more money than they spent while traveling.

The reason I bring that up to you is network marketing can create absolute freedom for you. It really can if you stay focused, if you hold your intention, if you move forward. If that’s true, then start seeing the life you would have if you had freedom and start spending time…. I do a nighttime routine where every night before I go to bed, before that subconscious kicks in. Which is what is at work when you’re sleeping, that subconscious is the co creator of your reality. Trust me on this one. I’ve done all kinds of amazing manifestations using this kind of thing. Before you go to bed, spend time every night seeing yourself having the life that you actually want and see what it is that you really want and not just money, but what would you do with the money? Would you travel more? Would you vacation more? Would you have a yacht? Would you rent Lambos or buy Lambos? Like what is it that you would love to experience if you just had more money and more success in network marketing? See those things before you go to bed and the two questions you should ask are…

Number one, how would it feel to create the feelings of having the thing that you want?

Number two, how would I know it’s true?

Actually see yourself having conversations with people, people giving you compliments, people saying, “wow nice car man, or holy cow, you’ve really blown it up. Congratulations.” 

See your upline congratulating you on social media, see yourself on stage thanking the company and thanking the different members of your team, heck, see your own team on the stage thanking you. The more powerfully you articulate and create these images in your mind, especially before bed, the more and quickly you’re going to see your life change.

Are you serious about becoming filthy stinking rich in Network Marketing?

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