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How to Become a Speaker

Speaking at No Excuses Summit

If you are in network marketing, chances are it’s because you are smart enough to recognize the power of leverage (which the masses don’t get and will continue to trade dollars for hours). Well, if you already understand leverage, then you should know that if you study how to become a speaker, you can achieve ultimate leverage not just long term but also in the immediate.

How to Become a Speaker in 3 Easy Steps

Before we go down this road, you should know that I used to be TERRIFIED of public speaking. Before I got on the path to become a speaker I literally stuttered, stammered and sweated in front of any audience. My first experience was when I was a project manager for an IT department and when I had to deliver a presentation to the 5 people I worked with every single day, I actually spilled water on my shirt and the attendees were bewildered what the hell was wrong with me. That experience and that pain pushed me to get over my fears. So, here are the three steps to become a speaker that anyone can follow. 1. Invest in yourself. Attend events, buy courses and read books on the subject matter you want to become an expert at. In the beginning it is almost like you are an investigative journalist researching your subject. 2. Teach what you learn. With the Internet you can do this very easily in blogs, videos, articles, webinars or you CAN go the more scary route of presenting in public. You can get a free room at almost any library (some may require you not to sell anything) or you can talk with local restaurant owners to secure a room if some of the people will be buying lunch or dinner. 3. Get benefit to the “exposure agents”. Exposure agents are the people in your industry that are already on the stages, having success and have the connections  you want. Notice I said to get benefit to them. Make them money, help them with something, or just plain give them value to win them over so you stand above the crowd that only go to these exposure agents with a hand out. I did this with MLSP. I wanted to speak on their stage so I hit L4 and then they asked me to speak on stage (this was of course after investing in their materials and meeting them at their events). If you wanna get invited to my private webinar series on How to Become a Speaker, Snag your Ne 3 DVD’s Here If you enjoyed this post please comment and share if you want more content like this Ray Higdon Profile Image Ray Higdon Skype: ray.higdon Email: [email protected] Work With Me – Numis Network Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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