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How to be More Productive by Not Letting Anything Get to You

Little stuff used to slow me down all the time. I see people get robbed of precious hours, weeks, even years of their life by letting stuff get to them. You are working hard and then you stub your toe or someone lets you down and then your day is ruined. This blog will help you be more productive by not getting hung up on the little stuff.

Increase your speed of forgiveness…

One of my all-time favorite quotes is from Michael Beckwith – “Forgiveness is giving up on the fact that past could have been any different.” Mmm, isn’t that just a yummy concept? And, so true. Most of the times we are upset at our unmet expectations of others or our environment. Let me give you some examples to test your ability to let little crap go.

1. You are at the mall on Christmas eve, needless to say, it is packed. It’s a total zoo. You meant to get presents weeks ago but now your procrastination has come back to bite you. After driving through three entire lots and not finding one spot, you finally locate one! You put on your turn signal, commence the turn and VROOOOM! From out of nowhere a little red porsche zips in your spot while the driver is talking on their cellphone.

2. You are making calls to people you know about your home business. You talk to one of your closest friends from high school and they tell you that they can’t believe you are trying to rip off your friends and that you have sunk that low.

3. You are excited about your new network marketing business. You talk to your brother, who, is also your financial planner. He is someone you respect, look up to and really hope he decides to do the business. You have also brought him a lot of business so you sorta figure he owes you. You don’t hear from him and then 2 days later you find out that he did join your company, but, with someone else, in another state, that he doesn’t even know.

Angry yet? So What…

People will let things such as the above 3 scenarios ruin their day. Most people let little things take them out of their momentum. At every moment of every day, you are either going toward your goals or away from them. Nothing in nature stands still. Now, you can capture and utilize anger to “show someone” but most people do not use this very effectively.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned. – Buddha

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At no time can you change what happened in the past, either long ago or immediately. If you stay focused, embrace the fact that little crap is going to happen, but keep your eyes on the prize, you will attain your desires. Meditation will help you get to a calmer mind. I meditate every single day and very little bothers me anymore. I cannot do anything if a family member or friend says something rude to me, I do not have the desire to prove myself right.

Choose to Be Happy or Be Right

Work to loosen your grip on your need to be right and your addiction to outcomes. People are never always going to react to your business or even you the way you want them to, SO WHAT. I used to care when people would write me nasty emails or give me nasty comments, now I know that they are going through their own struggle and they chose to pick me to lash out to, it’s really nothing personal and, even if it was, you can’t do anything about it anyway. When you learn to let the little stuff go, you will produce more and, it sure beats arguing with idiots! 🙂

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