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How to Approach Those With The
Employee Mindset about your Home Business

Let’s face it, those of us in Network marketing know it is a better way than the traditional working for someone else, however, we sometimes struggle to get our point across to communicate with those in J.O.B’s. This blog, with some help from my friends, will help you greatly with the process of talking to those with the employee mindset about a home business.

What is a common enemy even for those with the employee mindset?

That’s simple, taxes. Everyone hates taxes and everyone believes they are paying too much. Course some think the wealthiest should pay more but hopefully we never encourage those that create all the jobs for the working class to move to another country, er, wait a minute, that may force those with jobs to look at network marketing…never mind, that’s definitely a topic for another day, back to my point…

It is near impossible to talk to employees about owning or starting a home business because they simply don’t think that way. However, if you educate them that on average an employee without a home business throws away $20 PER DAY due to paying too much in taxes, they may just listen to you.

Californians, Canadians, Tim Horton’s and Massive Momentum

Last night, at my company’s annual convention in Tampa I was talking to my good friends Mark, Erwin and Olu. In our company they have been creating massive momentum and have been rank advancing more than any other team in the company. I felt it was my job to figure out either what experimental drug they were all taking or if they had a superior strategy. What they shared with me was awesome and made a lot of sense.

No Habla Englais?

Talking to someone with an employee, punch the clock mindset about being an entrepreneur is like trying to speak italian to someone who is russian, says my friend Erwin. One thing that everyone on the planet understands is losing money and paying taxes. If you teach them that every morning that they wake up without a home business is like opening your kitchen window and tossing a $20 bill on the ground, then they pay attention. Erwin and his awesome team even shared with me the tools they are using.

You can click the image to get a better picture. Erwin and his team tell me this is 100% of their strategy. The tools lead the person to want to own a home business and they come back to you, the person that handed them the pamphlet, and ask what business they should join. The best part is, they stay on autoship as they DO NOT WANT TO LOSE MONEY. Being on autoship and having business expenses from home is what qualifies you for all the tax benefits and they do NOT want to lose that.

Honestly, this is the very best way I have ever seen to approach those with jobs about your home business. Mark and Olu tell me that they never get the “Is this a pyramid” question or any of the stupid questions we all sometimes get. The guy that put this information together, Ron Mueller, explains how you are paying way too much in taxes and how to get an average of $400 a month back to you by stopping the overpaying of federal taxes.

NOTE: I am NOT a tax professional, nor a CPA or financial planner, I have simply reviewed the materials as I suggest you do as well.

How to get the tools

1) Go to this link – Uncle Sam will pay you to run a home-based business

2) Click the link on the left that says MLM Tools, Recruiting brochure and CD’s

3) Order a small quantity of each and test out

The reason I suggest ordering a small quantity is to make sure you actually use them, no sense in having a garage full of paperwork and CD’s that you will not use. If you have struggled with sponsoring people with jobs they hate or those with employee mindsets, I believe this will greatly help you. Thanks to Erwin, Mark and Olu for sharing this awesome information!

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Ray Higdon

Image: Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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