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How this Guy got 1,700 MLM Leads in 7 Days by JV’ing

When I heard this guys story, I asked him to guest write for me. I met Jeff Sokol in Denver when I was doing a meeting for my team. By being extremely creative, he has been able to generate up to 1,700 MLM leads in less than a week, from other people’s list! In this blog he lays out exactly how you can do the same.

Tell em Jeff! (This is straight from the horse’s mouth)

WARNING: Only Use this Method If You are Prepared to Make Some SERIOUS Cash While Leaving Mediocrity in the DUST! If you have been following Ray for any more than 3 days, you will have had the concept of calling your leads religiously pounded into your head.

Ray does an amazing job of demonstrating the importance of lead calling, and following up with them. Actually, if I ever get lazy and think I’m not going to call a particular lead, I just envision Ray signing them up into HIS business….then I get on the phone!


Many of you out there are saying… “Calling leads, that’s easy! I just wish I had leads to call!” Well, hopefully we will be able to demonstrate to you a couple of Joint Venture (J.V.) strategies that have worked for me in the past, and have proven to be mutually beneficial for my partner and me. Before we crank up, I think I should tell you that the first time I did this, I made a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money and generated over 1,700 leads in my niche in the first week…so pay attention.

First way of getting JV Leads, the “Free Offer” Team Player JV

Below are the Steps:

1. You need to have something to offer. It doesn’t have to be something amazing like the No Excuses Summit DVD’s, or even SUPER well thought out…just an offering that will make people want to join your mailing list. This can be your simple little info guide you created.

2. You’ll need someone with a decent sized list. NOTICE, I said “decent,” not gigantic. It also helps if you have more than one person on your team with decent sized lists. For this situation, your uplines are great. Perhaps they aren’t appealing to everyone in their list, but YOUR information might! Ask your upline or other marketers you connect with to send an email to their list on your behalf, in fact, ask all of them! This really works if you have had some performance in your MLM and your upline wants to help you. Do not rely on favors or beg though and have gratitude for any guidance you may receive.

3. You might need a bribe, but if you are getting help from another marketer this shouldn’t be an issue, as long as what you are promoting will help THEM and their team as well.

4. You’ll need to create a landing page. This is obviously where your lead will be captured. Create a short 15-60 second video explaining exactly why they should opt-in to your list. Seriously, keep it short and sweet. If your email to them was creative enough, this won’t be a stopping point. Also try offering them something of value over and above your book or product offering. Perhaps a chance to win a silver coin? Could be anything, just create the value and they’ll join.

5. Create an impressive email creative. Depending on the value your JV partner brings to the table, this will determine how many clicks you get, and the length the email needs to be. For the most part, these emails should also be short, sweet, and to the point. Look at David Wood or Ray Higdon’s emails…they aren’t ever long, are they? The email creates the value, and moves forward. Your J.V. partner can more than likely help you with this part of the process.

Now you may be wondering, “Well Jeff, you make it sound so easy, but why would someone split up their list??” Here’s what you have to remember about a J.V. It is a JOINT VENTURE, that means the person doing the emailing needs to see something in return! What is in it for him/her? Why should they split up their list, to make YOU more money? Many times their reason is immediate financial reward. However, often enough, it is to help their downline build the team.

Remember what I said earlier? Scroll back up to #2… You might resonate with someone that your J.V. partner/upline doesn’t! That’s perfectly okay! Odds are, your upline would rather have them on the team with you, than not at all!

Second Way of Getting JV Leads, “Paid Affiliate Offer” JV

The other kind of J.V. is when you are creating an affiliate program, surrounded by a product, which pays your J.V. partner a commission on every sale. These are obviously more immediately lucrative, and can generate mlm leads as well. This kind of JV is covered extensively, and in much greater detail, by other authorities on the subject.

Talk to your other marketers, your immediate upline, and others in your upline. Chances are good that within 10-20 of them, you can find a lot of subscribers, and then you can reciprocate the favor for them as well. You could even offer them $2 per lead with phone number that you get if they are reluctant to work with you. $2 per lead with a working phone number isn’t too bad of a deal, especially when closing 1 out of 50 is breaking even…no brainer. These leads are worth $2 (or more) per lead, because you KNOW they are already interested in what you have to offer! They are already on a HIGHLY TARGETED LIST of YOUR upline. You might be able to sponsor them JUST for access and the prestige of being associated with your upline…crazier things have happened!

Third Way of Getting JV Leads, The Blog Share JV

By far the simplest kind of JV. Write something of value, and ask your friend(s) to post it to their blog and syndicate it. You will get exposure back to your blog, and will undoubtedly get some good leads in the process if you are writing quality content.

Here are a few more quick tips:

1.) Make sure the info you are presenting is something YOU would want…something that will bring value to your prospect, so you will be seen as an expert.

2.) Proofread everything you put out with your name on it. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but should reflect some hint of a high school education.

3.) Be professional. Don’t swear, and do your best not to offend people. Yes, I learned this lesson the hard way. Think of it like this, it is just as easy to NOT offend, as it is TO offend. So why let it cost you money?? Make sense?

4.) Don’t do too many JV’s at once. 15-30 leads per day are plenty for anyone to call. You don’t need 1,000 leads in a week to make this work. It is easy to get over-zealous and become overwhelmed with prospects to call, and you will have wasted the lead. (note from Ray, this is SO TRUE)

5.) Be sure that your leads go into an auto-responder (5 or more value-packed messages). This will keep them from getting too cold until you get to them.

6.) Call your leads within 48 hours Max. Usually I do it just after 30 minutes (that’s how long the presentation video is!)

7.) Lead not answering? See what time they opted into your list, call them back around that same time the next day. If someone opted into your list at 7pm, 10am is not a good time to call back. Call around 6 or 7pm.

So to wrap this up, JV’s can be a very lucrative and beneficial way for people on a team to work together. My personal experience with JV’s have been very good, and I’ve created thousands of leads, while making 10’s of thousands of dollars very quickly, and I still do it today to sell niche, high end products. Speak with your upline and figure out how you can help each other, by utilizing the tools you have for the greatest overall benefit.

Take care and I’ll See You at the Top!

Jeff Sokol

From Ray: Thanks Jeff for your valuable insight. You do not have to use this methods to become a big earner in MLM but if you are learning the ways of non-traditional and online marketing, these methods are pretty awesome and at minimum should get you to think.

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Ray Higdon

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