Ever wonder if building rapport is the best approach to closing a prospect?

Today I’m talking all about rapport, spam, and finding a happy medium to achieve results.

How Much Rapport Do You Have To Build?

One of our Rank Makers sent me some screenshots and said, “Hey, man, just so you know, there’s some people in Rank Makers that bash the approach of getting to the point when prospecting. And some of them say that you have to build rapport instead. You’ve got to like their pictures. You’ve got to send them apple pies. You’ve to do all kinds of different things.”

But we teach to get to the point. To not worry too much about rapport. So I want to share those distinctions with you below.

So first of all, let’s talk about spam. What is spam as it relates to our profession?


We see spam as assuming the position of the person without any evidence. For example, if you go to someone and say, “Hey, I think you would totally kill it in my company. You should join my team,” and you don’t have any evidence that they’re looking to join a team, that’s spam.

If a guy walks up to a girl at the hotel bar and says, “Hey, I have a room upstairs,” that’s spam. He’s assuming that she’s ready to party.

But unfortunately, spam doesn’t usually work. It may work sometimes, but usually not.

So what wouldn’t be spam? Well, if the guy walked up to the girl at the hotel bar and says, “Hey, I’m just curious. Are you here with anyone? Can I buy you a drink?” That’s not spam because it’s not assuming.

So step one of understanding training is you got to get yourself out of your network marketing mind.

Building Rapport vs. Getting to the Point

Some of you have been taught build rapport, build rapport, build rapport but I still believe in just getting to the point, because even if the prospect isn’t interested in your offer, you can follow up with them and still build rapport but after getting to the point.

Now – what do I say to the people who are firm believers in rapport and building that relationship prior to getting to the point. Those people are lacking the intelligence of understanding duplication. Building rapport is very hard to duplicate.

[mashtweet tweet=”Why do I get to the point right away? Because I seek production. That’s what I care about. Getting my product and service in the hands of more people.” text=”” username=”rayhigdon”]

And when do you get to the point? How do you teach your people that aren’t great at communication? How do you teach them on how to answer questions and still end up asking the question and still end up at getting to the point? How do you teach them that?

On the other hand, if you are getting results with rapport building, keep doing it. Keep rocking it. Keep making it happen, but just understand you are special. You have a gift that not everyone has. Statistically, building rapport does not prove to be successfully, so if it’s working for you keep going.

So if you prefer, based on you getting results, that building rapport if your thing, then build rapport.

But if I’m going to include you in Rank advancements, I don’t care that you want to build rapport. If I’m going to include you in Rank advancements I need you to get your team to do some stuff, and for your team to do some stuff, they don’t need to understand your building rapport theory because it is incredibly hard to teach.

Anyone can do my script, anybody. And Jess teaches this too – she teaches to compliment something about them, but then get to the point. So I may get to the point in the first sentence, Jess may get to it in the second.

When it comes to building rapport, some people are building for six months before getting to the point.

Why do I get to the point right away? Because I seek production. That’s what I care about. Getting my product and service in the hands of more people. Getting people in your organization that aren’t influencers, aren’t experts, aren’t credible, to do something. That’s what I’m committed to, so the people that argue about rapport, I don’t get it.

When people send a bunch of rapport building b.s. messages, I don’t want to hear them. Get to the point.

Any person on your team, whether they finished third grade or not, whether they understand Facebook algorithms or not, whether they have their own podcast or not, whether they have branding photos with their little bow and their leather jacket or not, whether they have any clue about influence or not, they can do it. Why are you stopping their checks? Why are you preventing your people from making money?

Because if you’re arguing rapport building, rapport building, rapport building, you’re keeping people from actually doing what they can. Instead they should be getting to the point every single time. If you have a way that works, do that, but be open to people on your team that don’t know how to do rapport building.

People don’t know how to communicate with human beings, so we make it simple. That’s what we do. We prospect and get to the point. You are costing your team money. That single mom in your team that’s struggling paycheck to paycheck, but you’re telling them, “No, no. You got to have six messages at least. You got to like at least 30 viewed posts before you do that. You got to send them an apple pie.” So all that bullshit you’re piling on top of her is costing her money.

[mashtweet tweet=”When people send a bunch of rapport building b.s. messages, I don’t want to hear them. Get to the point.” text=”” username=”rayhigdon”]

Teach her a different way. Be open to it. They don’t have to do it your way. Have them do it a little bit different way. If they want to talk to people at car lots, have them talk to people at car lots. If they want to walk around people in the mall, have them walk around people at the mall. If they want to go door to door, screw it. Who cares? Go door to door. Speak to humans, ask if they’re open to your product, service or opportunity, and allow your team to do that. Why are you so controlling? Stop worrying about building rapport.

There’s way too many people here arguing and paying homage to the rapport building gods, and I just want to help you guys make money. I want to help you guys make an impact. I want to help you get your product and service in the hands of more people out there, and the only way it’s going to happen is if you stop worrying about building rapport and start getting to the point.

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