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How I Lost 30 Pounds in 42 Days

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People have been asking me so here it is, How I lost 30 pounds and my diet tips to help you lose weight.


I am NOT promoting a weight loss product, nor am I ANY affiliate of a weight loss MLM or diet program. I literally do not profit in any way, shape or form by sharing with you how I lost 30 pounds, at least, financially. I am sharing my story with you to inspire you and show you what can be done. I will share a diet plan that I used but I do not receive compensation for doing so. IF you can appreciate that, please share this around as you have to admit it took guts to upload my before picture, you know, the one with the bloated nasty stomach lol.

How To Lose Weight

Now that I have tried about every diet out there and worked my butt off in the gym for no results, here is the HUGE takeaway I want you to get.

“You lose weight in the kitchen, not in the gym”

Think about it. Those of you who go to a gym. Ever notice the same people in there working out everyday, do they change? Ever notice someone get amazing results? It’s super rare. I AM going to share exactly what foods and what exercise I did to lose weight but let me assure you, I do not believe there is ANY amount of exercise that can compensate for a bad diet. By the way, I lost the first 21 pounds without working out a single minute lol. I am NOT putting down exercise, I seriously think you should, but, don’t depend on exercise to make up for your bad diet, never seen it work that way, ever.

OK, EXACTLY How I Lost 30 Pounds

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My friend Brady’s sister Tara did a diet called Ideal protein where she did these packets everyday, with protein and veggies and lost a bunch of weight. Then her Mom did the same and Brady’s girlfriend and close friend to Jess and I told me about the program and that she was going to start it. This was in late January. I had already failed at my diet I started for New Years lol. My big concern was my travel schedule. In February I was slanted to be in Washington DC, Vegas, Dallas, San Diego, Cleveland and Ft Lauderdale (busy month).

I thought what the hell and talked to the lady (Laura) that was coaching my friends (who lives in Kansas, her email is [email protected] or you can call her office at 913-764-7575, I don’t care if you mention me or not, I don’t get compensated) and she explained that the ideal protein program was designed for travelers. All you needed was a shaker and water. You consume three packets a day, eat veggies for lunch, veggies and protein for dinner and you were good to go. The packets consisted of soup, pudding, shakes, bars, chips, etc. The program allowed you to diversify and not get bored with just shakes or something like that. I decided what the hell and ordered the program which consisted of vitamins and two weeks of packets. They arrived and I officially started the program on Tuesday, February 5th. Laura instructed me NOT to work out as working out makes you hungrier and the diet would work without that.

22 days later I had lost 21 pounds and was feeling great but looking a little strange so I decided to start working out. When I started working out with weights I definitely did get hungrier and ate a little more than what the diet suggested but never ate any of the “bad foods”. On the program you cannot have bread, pasta, sugars (other than naturally occurring in the veggies that are allowed. I mainly ate fish, broccoli, spinach, zucchini, squash, brussel sprouts and of course the three packets a day, which, I will say, are freaking delicious (except the orange creamsycle, terrible).

My Current Workout

Now I am focused on getting ripped (cool to say that lol) and I am doing a very fun workout. I read about it in one of the means health magazines, forget which one. It takes about 15 minutes but is intense. You pick what bodypart(s) you want to work out and then pick 4-5 GOOD exercises for those parts and you do this:

Exercise 1 for 6 reps
Exercise 2 for 6 reps
Exercise 3 for 6 reps
Exercise 4 for 6 reps
Rest 60 Seconds
Exercise 1 for 12 reps
Exercise 2 for 12 reps
Exercise 3 for 12 reps
Exercise 4 for 12 reps
Rest for 60 Seconds
Exercise 1 for 25 reps
Exercise 2 for 25 reps
Exercise 3 for 25 reps
Exercise 4 for 25 reps

Obviously you start with the heavy weight first, then decrease the weight between each superset. It’s fast, and if you pick the best exercises (squat, deadlift, bench press, military, rows, curls, etc) it’s also intense.

There You Have it!

Hope you appreciate my boldness for sharing those nasty before pics lol and EXACTLY how I lost 30 pounds. I also hope you appreciate me sharing with you my program I used with no financial gain in mind. I hope it inspires you. If it does, and you appreciate me sharing, please comment below and share this post on Facebook to inspire more people to feel and look better. I don’t believe I could be writing a blog about how I lost 30 pounds without the help of Laura and ideal protein. Her weekly coaching and the yummy packets really made the difference and don’t forget, I was in 7 different cities WHILE I lost the weight. Again, if this inspires you, share around and comment below, more people deserve to feel and look better!

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To Your Abundance!

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