The question is how can I be a successful salesman?

First I’m going to cover the number one factor in sales. Next, I’m going to work on the two skills that when interacting with a prospect will help you close more sales. Lastly, I’m going to give you the speed quotient, how to really increase the speed at which you crush it in sales.

What is the number one factor in sales?

It’s really simple, it’s pipeline. Pipeline is the number of people you reach out to, follow up with, set appointments with, send demos to, show houses to. It’s your pipeline. It’s how you track who you’re talking to about the thing that you sell or the service or whatever it is that you’re attempting to make more sales in. If you are a realtor and you want to sell more homes then you are going to have to either do more showings, post more marketing, have more conversations, you’re going to have to really take care of your pipeline if you want to increase, just double your pipeline.

We train a lot of different sales people and one industry that isn’t always taught this is network marketing. In network marketing, a lot of people come in and they say, “I’m not getting results” and we ask “well what’s your pipeline look like?” They’re like… “what? what are you talking about?”

You have to be tracking and taking care of the people you’re reaching out to and seeing if they’re open to your product, service or opportunity. The more of that that you do, the more you’re going to make in sales.

I remember when I was the number one income earner of a network marketing company and I had earned every single vacation incentive they had ever had (there was about 13 of them) and I had earned every single one, but I always knew if my recruiting was down, it wasn’t because the economy was down. It wasn’t because of who was in the White House, it wasn’t because of anything but my pipeline. My pipeline, how many people had I been reaching out to and I noticed my sales would go down the fewer people reached out to and they would increase the more people I had reach out to. Always do a a check, if your sales aren’t where you want them to be, do a check, how’s your pipeline, what does that look like? If it’s not very impressive then start to put more people in the pipeline and watch your sales change.

What are the two skills to know when working with a prospect?

I look at these as posture and position.

Posture is “are you easily affected by the opinions of others?” When you’re in sales, you are going to get some negative feedback from time to time. Depending on what it is that you’re selling, you may even get made fun of or you may get ridiculed, people may look down on you…they may see you as a lowly salesperson. The way that I see it the salesperson is one of the only people in any organization that’s bringing money in and isn’t a cost. Anything administration is a cost. You could break down that they maybe make things more efficient and I’m not devaluing them, they’re amazing, we need administration but you’re the revenue generator.

If you’re easily influenced by the opinions of others and someone chews you out for trying to sell them something and you go eat ice cream all day, then you’re going to struggle to be in sales. You have to have better posture.

Posture is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval. It means that you’re going to show up regardless if someone makes fun of you or if someone is being a jerk to you or whatever. You are not going to be affected when someone is negative about your product, service or opportunity. Posture is your opportunity for you to realize that you are the prize, not the person that you’re talking to, not the prospect. The reason is you are selling solutions. Most people out there have problems, no solutions. You’re selling solutions, whatever that solution is. Always remember you’re the prize. They need you more than you need them. I know that that sounds funny but you can go talk to more people. They can’t go find more solutions, most likely that’s harder for them than it is for you. Posture is maintaining that powerful energy of you’re going to do this whether someone agrees with it or not.

Position is a very tactical thing. Always know what the position of your prospect is. Don’t assume that they really want it or really need it unless you have that information. Did they express that they’re open to learning more? I want to find out are they open to learning more before I try to close them. I don’t try to close people that I have no information about because that would be very frustrating for me and for them. You want to see who’s open to learning more. If they’re open to learning more then maybe why. Why are you open to learning more? You can dig a little bit deeper and know why are they now in that position.

Posture and position are very powerful factors in the percentage of people that you talk to that you’re actually going to get to purchase your product, service or opportunity.

What is the speed quotient?

The speed quotient isn’t just increasing your numbers, that’s pipeline. The speed quotient isn’t being un-mess-able, that’s posture. The speed quotient isn’t being more smartly identifying where your prospect is, that’s position. The speed quotient is perspective. There’s four P’s that we are talking about today. Pipeline, posture, position, perspective.

Perspective is where do you spend the majority of your time in your mind? What are you seeing? What are the pictures and the movies that you’re playing in your mind? If you are constantly dwelling on the pictures of all the things that you don’t like about what you do or that you don’t like in your life. You don’t like it that you’re not appreciated, you don’t like it that sales are down, you don’t like it that the economy is weird or inflation is high or whatever it is that is- that you’re focused on that determines your perspective. Your perspective is co-creating your reality around you. Whatever it is that you focus on more, you get more of in your life.

I know, I get it. “I’m just telling it like it is.” Well telling it like it is….keeps it like it is. Justifying where you are keeps you where you are. You have to start seeing your life different and seeing yourself different. Start seeing different results in your life than what is currently in your reality and I call this become vibrationally incongruent. Most people, very vibrationally congruent, they have their results whatever they are and they have what they talk about and focus on which is all lined up perfectly. They’re always talking about how the car breaks down or how the darn traffic or how wifey doesn’t appreciate them or whatever. They’re very vibrationally congruent.
When you’re vibrationally congruent, you’re not using any kind of speed quotient, you’re not increasing the speed, you’re not inviting miracles. There’s nothing going on to increase the speed at which you increase and change your results.

Instead become vibrationally incongruent, start seeing things in your mind as the way you wish they were. Start spending more time with memories of your future than memories of your past or pictures of your present. This is a denying of the senses. The person that I really love that taught this so many years ago is Neville Goddard. He says that whenever your wish and your emotion is in conflict, the emotion will always be the victor. We are not given what we want, we are given what we are… How do you carry yourself? How you see yourself in your mind actually affects reality. The more that you spend living in a life, in your mind, of the way that you wish things were, the more you’re going to increase those results in your actual reality. The more that you pound the drum of all the things you don’t want, that’s what you’re going to get more and more and more of so be very careful on how you spend your time, your perspective, how you spend your mental energy.

Want additional help with sales?

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