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At Home Businesses and When to Quit


If you are in network marketing or involved in a home business, chances are you have wondered when to quit.

This post will shed some light on that topic and hopefully help you with your future.

Will You Want to Quit?

Only if you are human.

There have been many, many times where I wanted to quit the home business profession and go back into sales or some career that was more mainstreamly accepted but there’s a mental trick that always kept me going.

The alternative.

The other day my friend Angel interviewed me for her blog and she asked me for one piece of advice to give to new network marketers and my answer was to think of the alternative.

What’s the Alternative?

I’ve seen the alternative. The alternative looks like not having enough money to retire on. The alternative is having to ask permission to take your kid to the dentist or canceling flights when you are told you can’t take that vacation when you wanted to. The alternative is hoping that the people and company you are giving your life to will look out for you, when deep down you have already had confirmation that it just isn’t the case.

The alternative MAY mean big money but never means big freedom. I know executives and sales people that make big money but not only is their freedom not there, it will never be there.

The alternative is only having residual BILLS with no residual INCOME.

For Those that Look for When to Quit

Here’s the problem with determining when to quit….just by looking for that answer you will ALWAYS find a reason why to quit AND it will make total logical sense.

In fact, it will actually feel good when you weigh all the reasons to quit versus keep struggling on to slowly chip away at this whole network marketing thing, it will of course, make total sense, until you consider the alternative.

Here are some reasons people will use to quit:

– Their upline doesn’t call them enough
– Some other leader in the team gets more attention than they do
– The company didn’t have their gold star they were supposed to have for them at the event
– Someone in their team quits
– Someone in their team quits and bashes them
– Someone in their team quits and rejoins under someone else

Again, when someone looks for when to quit, they will find it every single time AND it will make total sense…unless they take the time to look at the alternative AND the reason they joined in the first place.

Screw Quitting

I fully believe there are no failures in network marketing, and here’s why: The Network Marketing profession GROWS you as a person if you let it. Notice I didn’t say it grows the top earners only, or that Diamonds get benefit, ANYONE in the profession grows via the events, self development and  hearing inspiring stories, all things NOT taught in MOST corporate jobs.

What if you love your current job? Awesome, more people need to love their job, congratulations! If you would continue going to your job whether they paid you or not, then most certainly keep going, but, wouldn’t it be cool to have some extra money along the way AND impact more people like you can with a successful network marketing business?

You either succeed or you quit inside this profession. I know people that struggled for years and years to finally make it big but plenty more that quit too soon. If you consider the alternative AND you remember why you joined this profession in the first place, you’ll see, there ISN’T a valid time to ever quit.

Feel free to share this with someone who needs to hear it, and appreciate any comments below!

To Your Abundance!

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