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Online MLM Tips To
Boost Your Marketing

Getting close to the holidays! Here are some funky online MLM tips that you may not have thought of!

1st, Multi Level Marketing Tips

OK, here are some fun multi level marketing tips for you, especially around the holidays:

1. Don’t get stuck in long holiday conversations with family around, that is the surest way to get made fun of and be forced to get defensive. Instead, listen to what is going on in your family members’ lives and then plan on following up with them in January. IF someone just lost a job, got laid off or doesn’t like their current situation, those are all great ideas to follow up with to see their openness to your home business.

2. Don’t give people your MLM gift for a present, it actually comes across as a reverse gift and a pitch. Don’t do it unless there is a way for you to disguise that it IS from your network marketing business.

2nd, Online MLM Tips


Here are some gangsta tips for your online MLM business:

1. IF you are an Amazon affiliate, the holidays is a great time to flex your muscle. Get your affiliate link out on social media as well as on your blog as people are shopping and YOU could get credit. I just saw someone bought a big screen TV through my affiliate link, pretty sweet!

2. Us online MLM marketers stay on the computer but most networkers are lazy. It is a great time to blog and put up videos to drive people to your site and YES, they do still buy stuff and you can easily generate leads during the holidays.

3. If you are writing articles, making videos or writing blogs, don’t use the year in your descriptions, that way your content can potentially get traffic each and every holiday season, simple right?

Holiday Wishes For You!

Stay tuned as in the next couple weeks I have several things going on to help you.

1. The pre-release of my first published book

2. A webinar series on wealth planning

3. An exclusive private webinar on backlinking, chock full of online MLM tips to get more traffic to your site. Be sure to comment below on which one you are most excited about, I will also be posting some help with your resolutions as I wanna see you have your very best year ever!

To Your Abundance!

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