hire a coachToday’s post should be very helpful if you have ever wondered if you should hire a coach.

Before you hire a coach, there are a few things to consider.

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Should You Hire a Coach?

You may or may not know but we offer various different coaching packages. We have a mastermind program that we only offer at certain times of the year, we have programs that coaches that I have trained run for our students and I also personally coach people that are 6 or 7 figure earners.

Even though we offer all these packages around coaching does not mean that coaching is for everyone so here are some suggestions when it comes to that…

  1. If you don’t know exactly what you want, figure that out before you hire a coach. I once had a top earner in a network marketing company reach out to me and want to hire me because she heard I was a good coach however she didn’t have any goals she wanted to accomplish. I didn’t let her hire me because that is a recipe for failure. Don’t hire someone unless you have a goal or a set of goals you hope to accomplish and if you are a coach, beware the client with no goals, those are the ones that will complain about you down the road and accuse you of not getting them any results.
  2. Do you need a coach…or a therapist? If you are constantly wondering if you even want to be doing the work you are doing and you don’t have any results yet, that may not be the right time to hire a coach. Even determining that you are gonna run hard at what you are doing for the next year is a better place to be than a place of confusion.
  3. Are you getting results but know you could get bigger results faster? That is THE best reason in my opinion to hire a coach. We have invested now over $274,000 in coaching and masterminds in the past two years. Not once have I hired a coach to help me with my motivation, we hire coaches to more quickly learn what we want to with the ability to ask clarifying questions not always answered in information products.

If you would like to learn what we offer in coaching, click here and fill out the information. I hope this helps you if you are considering hiring a coach, this may just help you make a better decision and also here is a short video with one of our clients talking about reasons why to hire a coach.

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