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Help with Creating a Meaningful Life


So many people are chasing money and their dreams of success and not enough are interested in actually creating a meaningful life.

Watch this short video to learn two ways to evaluate life that may just help you.

This Morning got me Inspired…

Some of you learned from this past weekends event about my morning routine where I read my affirmations while my phone is still on airplane mode, then I listen to an audio book while riding my bike to the gym to where I go through all my emails and social media while on the treadmill.

THIS morning I started listening to the book “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington and although I am not finished with it yet, I can already tell it is awesome and I highly suggest it.

Inside the below video you will learn the number one thing that inspired me this morning and one part that I actually don’t totally agree with her but it’s mainly because I am weird lol

Video on Creating a Meaningful Life

Was that helpful? I hope that in your hustle and bustle of rank advancing or making a lot of money that you also remember to create a meaningful and worthwhile life. Some questions you might ask yourself are:
– Who are you inspiring?
– How are you helping human suffering? (this could be in business, relationships, poverty, etc)
– And of course the two questions I share in the above video!

Who do you know that needs to hear this? Probably everyone right? What if we ALL focused on helping people learn to create a meaningful life? I guess life would be pretty darn cool huh? =)

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To Your Abundance!

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