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Attraction Marketing System Users..Wimps?


Attraction marketing has completely changed the network marketing industry. It has taught us marketers to create value for the marketplace to get people to want to work closer with us. But..has attraction marketing made us a bunch of wimps? Read on to hear what I mean

What We have learned from Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing taught us that people don’t want to be hit over the head with an opportunity, they would prefer to be taught something of value, such as training on marketing or sales. It taught us that we don’t have to be sleazy with blast emailing people out opportunity links and hype but instead wanted to be treated with dignity and have their problems solved.

Now, not everyone has learned the attraction marketing formula. I still to this date get emails, facebook messages and in fact there are two or three people that everyday just reply to my emails with their company link, lol, it’s horrendous. For kicks I sometimes ask them how that type of marketing is working and if they are being honest, they know it is not. Attraction marketing is a great thing if learned, in fact, I am going to do an attraction marketing bootcamp soon (stay tuned).

Attraction Marketing Has Tamed a lot of Would be Top MLM Earners


I have seen some great marketers err on the side of being too much of an attraction marketer and lose sight of the whole reason they wanted to do attraction marketing. While some marketers have blogged training and value I have done the same but at the same time built a $40,000-$50,000 a month residual income in my primary network marketing company. Here I thought that was the point of doing attraction marketing in the first place?

In a colossal overcompensation effort, a lot of attraction marketers have grown accustomed to NOT pitching their network marketing company because it is simply easier to sell training. The problem is that selling training and doing affiliate launches is a J-O-B. They rarely create the residual income that we got into this industry for. People that are good attraction marketers but barely make anything from a network marketing company will say things like this:

– I don’t wanna be totally associated with one company.

– I don’t wanna be too pitchy.

– I don’t wanna turn off my followers or list.

Only in network marketing can we let a marketing concept veer us totally off track of what we really want! I don’t believe anyone gets into this industry to have a sales job, no, we get into this industry to create the type of freedom inducing residual income that is not possible in most sales jobs or any jobs for that matter. The attraction marketers that get this, go on to build a serious business while still exercising providing value for the marketplace.

The Attraction Marketing De-Wimping Formula

Pick a day this week and blog, shoot a video or write an article about why you joined your primary company. Say all the reasons why it is a great company. Suggest people join you and give them reasons to do so. Then, at least 1-2 times a month, repeat this process. Your list is not going to leave you and hate your guts. Your facebook friends are not going to disown you. Your twitter followers are not going to gasp in shock at how rude you are to dare ask for people to join your team. What will actually start to happen, over time, and for some of you immediately, is you will actually start to get people wanting to know more about your business and your team. Stop being afraid and wimpy when it comes to letting people know what company you think is the greatest, it is the ONLY way you will ever build a serious network marketing income.

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